ALBUM REVIEW | Tears Run Rings - In Surges

tears-run-rings-in-surges-artARTIST: Tears Run Rings

RELEASE: In Surges

RELEASE DATE: December 2nd 2016

RECORD COMPANY: Deep Space Recordings

Not officially released until the 2nd December, dreamy shoegaze four piece ‘Tears Run Rings’ have used the magic of the internet to conceive their hauntingly good third album entitled ‘In Surges’. Taking a grand total of six years to complete, the band recorded in three separate studios transferring tracks backwards and forwards between three different cities - San Francisco, Portland and Los Angeles until each finished track was perfect. The band are made up of Laura - bass/vocals, Matthew - guitars/vocals, Ed -guitar and Dwayne - drums. Laura, Ed & Dwayne are original members of the now defunct 90’s twee/pop outfit ‘The Autocollants’ and Matthew & Ed also founded the brilliant 'Shelflife Records'. ‘In Surges’ is the bands third album and gets its full release via Deep Space Recordings. The album is available to pre-order on lovely coloured vinyl right now from:

'In Surges' opens up swirling gracefully within a reverberating instrumental drone. ‘Happiness 6’ pulses a beautifully translucent sonic wave out into the ether as swathes of reverb are met with soaring synth swells and sparse percussion to perfectly envelope that impressive vocal. Up next, ‘Belly Up’ charges into earshot on a repetitious percussive attack coupled with noisy reverberating guitars and throbbing bass frequencies. Haunting vocal lines sway and bounce as they deftly circumnavigate the instrumentation, dashing in and out of subtle quieter/dreamier moments and on into awe inspiring soaring shoegaze, all the while drenched in beautifully ethereal reverb.

‘Things Have Changed’ shimmers as the twang of guitars meet underlying synth swells and ethereal vocalisations. The addition of the hazy acoustic guitar tones add atmosphere before the thud of bass frequencies take hold and carefully guide you out into the ether aided by wave after wave of underlying shimmering guitar effects. I can’t help but be totally blown away by both the lead vocal lines and the ethereally haunting backing vocals on this track. Absolutely stunning in its entirety, ‘Things have Changed’ is possibly my favourite track on the entire release. ‘Part of Glass’ blissfully ambles into audible range on a repetitive drum pattern, swirling instrumentation and another impressive vocal whilst ‘Green Lakes’ echoes and sway’s on a wave of reverb laden noise until we’re introduced to a beautifully ethereal vocal performance. ‘Green Lakes’ explodes into a cacophony of glorious colour as its chorus progressions take hold and we glide effortlessly within a haze of sonic grandeur into the ether.

‘Broken’ brings us back down to earth as it explodes into a reverberating beast. The vocals bring some clarity as they cut through overdriven guitar frequencies and I can hear subtle old-school flourishes reminiscent of ‘Slowdive’ here. Up next, ‘Destroyer’ breathes a modern sounding edge to proceedings as the track builds in momentum through its blissful verse parts and on into a beautifully arranged chorus progression. The chug, chug, chug of rhythm guitar coupled with those snaking lead lines, lazy percussion and soaring instrumental swells enter the fray and act as the perfect accompaniment to those ethereal vocal lines. The beginnings of ‘Something You Cant Hide’ have a welcoming post-punk edge before the track unfurls its sonic tendrils and radiates a stunning wall of layered guitars and driving bass frequencies underscored with a bedrock of explosive percussion. The albums penultimate track doesn't disappoint either as it unleashes a repetitious guitar progression and shimmering tambourine shakes. ‘Sine Wave Sleep’ is steeped in reverb, and totally reminiscent (instrumentally) of early Spacemen 3 mixed with the stunning melodic expertise of ‘The House Of Love’. As soon as the vocals takes hold, accompanied by those plodding bass frequencies and soaring lead guitar swells, you are completely hooked. ‘Sine Wave Sleep’ is a stunning track from start to finish.

The albums closing salvo entitled ‘Happiness 7’ majestically swerves through tremulous droning guitars and stunning atmospherics as it throws up blissfully noisy frequencies and hazy instrumentation. Out of the blurred sonic maelstrom comes a brilliantly executed vocal coupled with its underlying ethereal backing lines.

'In Surges' is a stunning return to form and well worth the six year wait!





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GUEST PLAYLIST: Shoegazer Sanctuary - Edition 2


Shoegazers of the world are coming together here in Shoegazer Sanctuary! We are a growing Music Sharing Group located on Facebook. Our group is made up of hundreds of amazing Shoegazers (members) and our passion is Shoegaze! Sharing it, chatting about it & just plain hanging out with people who love the same music. It seems that close proximity in demographics does not support enough shoegazers, everyone who shares a common love for shoegaze is too spread out all over the world for that matter. That is where Shoegazer Sanctuary comes in. We will always be here for anyone who loves Shoegaze and wants to be part of one of the first world renowned Shoegazing groups maintained on social media.

We share music from such bands as the ones that have recently reunited: Slowdive, Ride & Jesus and Mary Chain & bands that are currently on tour like No Joy, Savage Sister, Swervedriver, Stella Diana, Clustersun, Chatham Rise, 93 Million Miles From The Sun and Whirr. Lets not forget the bands that time has other wise buried like: Astral, Colfax Abbey, South Pacific, Film School, Here, Feral and Ultra Cherry Violet, just to name a few in each category. These are just a fraction of the bands that you will find. You can also learn about some of the history of shoegaze through links we have provided to web sites such as:

An interesting read on a recent eye-opening documentary called Beautiful Noise about the genre explains how without the emergence of Shoegaze back in the mid to late 1980's out of the United Kingdom many of the bands we love today most likely would not exist. Interesting quote from the article below a must read for any fan of Shoegaze:

"Shoegaze’s greatest legacy in music was the notion that guitar-driven music can be an Impressionist painting, which, through layers of effects and buried vocals, can be so amorphous that the only true interpretation comes from the mind of each individual listener."

Group members are treated like gold in Shoegazer Sanctuary because they are the reason this is all happening here on Facebook. For example, our next guest playlist is comprised of shoegaze songs that actual Shoegazer Sanctuary members individually selected. Our motto here in SS is "Love The Music" so come on in and see what we mean. We are sharing current music, re-discovering and discovering tons of bands, every day, 24 hours a day!


Below are 21 tracks chosen by some of the members of Shoegazer Sanctuary for this playlist: 

1. NOTHING - "B&E" - Selected By Josh Snover


2.  THE ECSTASY OF SAINT THERESA - "WHAT'S" - Selected By Joseph Kennedy


3. TUATH - "UISCE, UISCE, READ ALL ABOUT IT" - Selected By Shauna McLarnon

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3776133268 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=e32c14 tracklist=false artwork=small track=1208896910]

4. CRASH CITY SAINTS - "TEENAGE CRIME WAVE"  - Selected by Micheal Cady


5.  RINGO DEATHSTAR - "FLOWER POWER" - Selected By Joe Justice


6. SPACE WAVES - "SUN SHAPED FlOOR" - Selected By Sarah Spacewaves

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3193234142 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=e32c14 tracklist=false artwork=small track=46844727]

7. SOUNDS OF SPUTNIK - "LIGHT SCHEME feat. UMMAGMA" - Selected By Jonathan Rauhio


8. INDOOR VOICES - "WHAT CAN I feat. ALISHA ERAO - Selected By Rebecca Leonard


9.  SLEEPER - "CLOSE YOUR EYES" - Selected By Ben Seth

10. RIDE - "DRIVE BLIND" - Selected By Dave Parker


11. FOXTAIL SOMERSAULT - "SUGARCUBES BIRTHDAY" (cover) - Selected By David Loop


12. LA CASA AL MARE - "M" - Selected By Patrice Gutschenritter


13. WHIRR - "SWAY" - Selected By Zamian Martin


14. BLACK HEARTED BROTHER - "I DON'T MEAN TO WANDER" - Selected By Rubens Curado


15.  FLYING SAUCER ATTACK - "OCEANS" - Selected By Romeo Mic


16. BE FOREST - "LOST BOY" - Selected By Fabrizio Lusso


17. Static Daydream - "THE ONLY ONE" - Selected By Samuel Taylor


18. TEARS RUN RINGS - "A QUESTION AND AN ANSWER" - Selected By Warren Radnan


19. VENERA 4 - "BLACK PAWS" - Selected by Chris Tressler


20. PINKSHINYULTRABAST - "BLASTER" - Selected By Novas Pares Valenzu


21. MY BLOODY VALENTINE - "COME IN ALONE" - Selected By Richard Stott