NEW SINGLE - Velvet Tides - Into Light - Featured Image - (700x700)

NEW SINGLE | Velvet Tides - Into Light

Birmingham-based hazy post-gaze quartet 'Velvet Tides' have just unleashed their impressive debut single entitled 'Into Light' to the music masses. Formed back in 2018, this promising band meld subtle alternative led shoegaze sensibilities with the wistful ambient tinged swirls of dream-pop and an overriding pulse of post-punk to good effect, instilling instant instrumental reminisces of 'For Against, Slowdive, The Swirlies & early Starflyer 59'. The band are made up of Luke Marvin - guitar/vocals, Josh Hale - bass, Caleb Keenan - lead guitar & Brandon Moss - drums.

'Into Light' merges out of a reverberating sonic fog as swirling guitars and the twinkle of golden melody merge into one sonic pulse. Beautiful lines of hazy vocalisations stream into view, hovering blissfully on the hum of bass, all collectively strapped to that driving percussive assault and peppered by intricate lines of lead guitar. We're pulled along with the track from the off until that sublime break used us out into the ether and we fall headlong into a magnificent track finale. Wonderfully constructed and deeply entrancing, 'Velvet Tides' are a breath of fresh air.

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With a busy year of recording ahead, we can't wait to hear what comes next!



NEW SINGLE - The Here Todays - January - Featured Image - (700x700)

NEW SINGLE | The Here Todays - January

'The Here Todays' unleashed their debut single 'Umbrellas' back in September 2018 and completely blew us away here at Primal Music with their collective sound. Steeped in dreamy shoegaze with a layer of melodic dream-pop and an undercurrent of driving post-punk, the Finnish-based quartet draw their influences from their adventures in modern life to create a distinctly irresistible palette of sonic colour. Now the band have returned with their second single entitled 'January', this time leaning heavily on the post-punk side of their collective sound. Stabbing guitars, cascading bass lines, charging drums and those addictive swathes of guitar are absolutely captivating as they envelope those mesmeric vocalisations with ease. We've said it before and we'll say it again - 'The Here Todays' have a promising and exciting future.

'January' gets it's official release on the 5th April 2019 and is available to buy/download right now via



NEW VIDEO - Lavender Blush - Fire - Featured Image - (700x700)

NEW VIDEO | Lavender Blush - Fire

San Francisco-based noise pop quintuplet 'Lavender Blush' have announced a fantastic brand new single entitled 'Fire' and it's accompanying video, lifted from their forthcoming new six track EP 'Beauty Is What Beauty Does To You'. With a sound that stands firmly within a gorgeously noisy haze peppered with dreamy incandescent shoegaze and tasty psychedelic indentations, 'Lavender Blush' are a refreshing blast of sonic delight. The band on the forthcoming EP is made up of Ana Ramundo - vocals/synth, Chris Howard - drums, Julie Lynn - vocals/synth, Sam Hewatt - bass & Ryan Lescure - guitar/vocals. The members of Lavender Blush have been involved with several like-minded groups including LSD and the Search for God, Moonbeams, and My Red Dress.

'Beauty Is What Beauty Does To You' gets it's official release on March 30th 2019 via Jon Blaj's 'Sensitive' label and is available to pre-order right now on various formats from



Primal Music - Best releases of 2018 - Featured Image

PRIMAL MUSIC | Top Releases Of 2018

Primal Music - Top Releases Of 2017 - Post Image - (300x300)Another year over, another overload of epic music. 2018 has been a veritable treasure trove for new, worldwide musical explorations. While some well known faces within the scene seemed to take a year off, us lot here at Primal Music & Radio got stuck in and trawled through the 1000's of submissions to bring you just a tiny snapshot of some of the immense releases that have graced our ears throughout the year. As usual, it was impossible for us to review every single release. We've whittled down the contenders to a small selection of full releases for this year, sidestepping individual singles for obvious reasons. We're sure that there are still a few albums or EP's missing from the list that would probably appear on your's but we did our best and hopefully we've introduced you to some new music along the way. Submissions are already starting to arrive for 2019 and it's looking like it's going to be another bumper year for underground music.

Regardless of what people may think, end of year lists generate conversations about bands who deserve support from small online publications like ours. So, once again we've tripped the sonic fantastic with our selection to bring you some blistering experimental psych, woozy shoegaze, shiny dream-pop & darkly atmospheric post-punk for your listening pleasure and once again this year you didn’t even have to vote for one single entry, click on any app or donate any money!

Happy Christmas one and all and we’ll see you all in 2019 for more fun and frolics!

Primal Music & Radio (Ireland).



EP REVIEW - Lo! Peninsula - AKA Lo! Peninsula - Post Image - (300x300)

Lo! Peninsula - AKA LO PENINSULA

Channelling upheavals or life changing experiences into musical soundscapes convincingly doesn't happen to very many artists. In fact, wearing your heart on your sleeve honestly whilst writing and recording a debut release without it all sounding very bloody boring is a difficult feat to accomplish. Now insert brilliant India-based psych-gaze trio 'Lo! Peninsula' into the narrative who explain brilliantly that this debut EP release "is a catharsis of the existential crisis that we have been facing since the band was formed", and you'll find something so self explanatory, so mesmerisingly good that you can hear every single hard yard that the band have had to travel through just to get to this finished point. Comprising of Nitin, Jyotin & Avinash, 'Lo! Peninsula' have this uncanny knack of producing awe inspiring soundscapes that skip brilliantly through swirling passages of shoegaze with an undercurrent of modern psychedelia and a splattering of soaring post-rock just for good measure. Their immense debut six track EP entitled 'AKA Lo! Peninsula' was released back on the 18th August 2018. 



EP REVIEW - UNIFORMS - Equals - Post Image - (300x300)Uniforms - Equals

Noisy Spanish based quartet 'Uniforms' create an atmospheric mix of noisy layered shoegaze and alternative rock deftly underpinned with dreamy & melodic vocalisations and connotations of sullen noise-pop. The band are made up of Pan - drums/vocals, Laura - bass /vocals, Spingel - guitar/vocals & Annie - synth/lead vocals. Their debut four track EP entitled 'Equals' was self-released back on January 24th 2018 and is available to buy/download right now via . As EP's go, 'Equals' has something very addictive coursing through it's veins making this release a worthy entry to this years list.




Blushing - Weak

Austin-based 'Blushing' are made up of two husband and wife pairs, Christina Carmona - vocals/bass, Michelle Soto - guitar/vocals, Noe Carmona - guitar/keyboard/vocals & Jake Soto - drums and their dreamy ethereal tones first came to the fore back in January 2017 on their four track self-released debut  'Tether' and since then the band have gone from strength to strength, returning firstly with their highly anticipated sophomore release 'Weak' and more recently with their double 'A' sided single 'The Truth/Sunshine'. For this years list however we're concentrating on 'Weak' which at the time was a massive step forward in their overall development as a band. It's five luscious tracks are filled with dreamy shimmering soundscapes, precise layered musicianship and well crafted songs that are all enveloped by absolutely sublime vocalisations. The Ep was official released via Austin Town Hall Records back on January 18th 2018 and is still available via



The Autumn Sighs - Green

Immense German-based trio 'The Autumn Sighs' returned with a stunning brand new five track release this year entitled 'Green', the follow up to their mesmerising 2016 released EP 'Branches'. With a sound that meanders gracefully through melodious and dreamy swathes of blissful dream-pop infused shoegaze coupled with soaring chorus progressions, thunderous drum patterns and addictively hazy instrumentation, 'The Autumn Sighs' have released what is quite possibly one of our favourite EP's of 2018. The band are made up of Katha - guitars/vocals, Ulrik - guitars/effects/ebow, Denis - drums and Florian Malicke appearing on bass for this release. 'Green' was officially released back on February 10th 2018 via 'Dreams Never End Records' and is available to buy/download on various formats including lovely 12' vinyl right now from both respectively.



EP REVIEW - Martes Niebla - Martes Niebla - Post Image - (300x300) Martes Niebla - Martes Niebla

From the far away lands of Seville, Spain, comes the dynamic dream pop/post-punk genre crossover of 'Martes Niebla', a band whose self-titled debut EP keeps things simple yet stunningly enjoyable. Across four tracks the band, singing in their native Spanish, pull together a sonic palette so effortlessly enjoyable that I could comfortably call it one of my favourite reviews of this past while. Unlike many contemporaries, Martes Niebla don’t spend effort and time trying to sound like somebody else; they defiantly push through with something that remains both un-complicated and strikingly beautiful. The band are made up of Inés Olalla (Blacanova), Erica Pender (Terry vs. Tori), Davis Rodriguez (Escuelas Pías), Cristian Bohórquez (Blacanova, Escuelas Pías) & Paco Arenas (Blacanova). 'Martes Niebla' had it's official release back on April 4th 2018 and is available to buy/download right now via



Daze - Ritual

Texas-based sonic manipulators 'DAZE' create a heady concoction of fuzzed out heavy shoegaze melded brilliantly with intensely melancholic transitions and noisier alternative leanings that are addictively reminiscent of early Swervedriver or 'Silver' era Starflyer 59. The band are made up of Nikki - guitar/vocals, Abraham - guitar, Enrique - drums & Jon- bass. Their latest five track EP entitled 'Ritual' was officially released back on the 14th May 2018 and is available to buy/download right now from




ALBUM REVIEW - Stella Diana - 57 - Post Image - (300x300) Stella Diana - 57 

Neapolitan dream-gazers 'Stella Diana' have been one of our favourite Italogaze outfits since their sublime debut long player '41.61.93' dropped way back in February 2014. Steeped in shimmering sounds and referencing seminal shoegaze bands such as Ride and Lush, the dark-wave atmospherics of Bauhaus and Joy Division and even the new-wave structures reminiscent of Echo And The Bunnymen and The Chameleons, 'Stella Diana' are a deeply entrancing listen. Their intricate song structures weave intertwining sonics filled with a kind of melancholic atmosphere that never ever disappoints. This year the band returned with what is their best long player to date. Simply titled '57', this eleven track opus delivers a more mature sounding 'Stella Diana', firmly establishing them as one of the most important bands to ever have come out of the underground Italogaze scene. '57' has it's official release on May 25th 2018 via both the Italian based independent record label Vipchoyo Sound Factory and the Spanish based Siete Señoritas Gritando respectively. It's available to pre-order right now on various formats via



 Reveries - Reveries

Originally released back on the 14th April 2018, the self-titled debut EP from Washington-based quartet 'Reveries' initially eluded us lot here at Primal Music. Their overall sound swims effortlessly in a simmering sonic sea filled with melancholic flourishes of shoegaze, post-rock, ambience and alt-rock all expertly drenched in a reverb tinged magnificence. The band are made up of Jonathan, Jesse, Ryan & Jose and you can buy/download their self-produced debut EP in full right now via




ALBUM REVIEW - Soft Science - Maps - Post Image - (300x300)Soft Science - Maps 

Sacramento-based 'Soft Science' reside in the grooves between music genres, pulling different influences from each to create something altogether sublime. From shoegaze to dream-pop and power-pop to alt-rock, each of the aforementioned genre's sonic impressions are brilliantly compressed and honed until their forms have been collectively reimagined into one intensive surge of melody. The band are made up of Ross Levine, Katie Haley, Matt Levine, Tony Cale & Mason DeMusey with influences ranging from The Beach Boys to Lush, Pale Saints, Teenage Fanclub, New Order and Jesus And Mary Chain. Their latest long player entitled 'Maps' was officially released back on June 1st 2018 via the good folks over at 'Test Pattern Records' and is available to buy/download right now on various formats via



EP REVIEW - Seasurfer -Vampires - Post `Image - (300x300)Sea Surfer - Vampires

'Vampires' is the latest four track release from German-based dream-pop (or dream-punk as they would like it known) musical project Seasurfer; the moniker which sole member Dirk Knight creates and collaborates under. Landing somewhere between their obvious influences of Cocteau Twins and the heavy new-age trap-like electronic sound of bands like Salem, Seasurfer present a small collection of well written and beautifully structured songs, dipped in a steaming vat of FX and left to dry out in the cold (or should I say Coldwave?). Knights instrumentation leaves enough room for a pair of female vocal talents (Änni Bird and Apolonia) and a bassist (Steven Burrows) to join the sonic wave that is 'Vampires', creating something emotionally deep while simultaneously dance-ably enjoyable. The EP had it's official release back on August 4th 2018 via the good folks over at Saint Marie Records and is available to buy/download right now on various formats from



ALBUM REVIEW - Ultra Material - Cosmic Anti Matter - Post Image (300x300)Ultra Material - Cosmic Anti Stuff

Brisbane-based quartet 'Ultra Material' first tweaked our attention back in 2016 when we reviewed their debut album 'Double Date' and swooned at their beautifully entrancing soundscapes. Permeating different layers of shoegaze, passages of haunting dream-pop, bouncing post-punk and subtle undercurrents of psychedelia, 'Ultra Material' create a modern sound that skirts the outer echelons of quaint experimentation whilst doffing a curt nod to the originators of the shoegaze genre. Their sublime sophomore full length entitled 'Cosmic Anti Stuff' was officially released back on August 29th 2018 via 'Black Wire Records', instantly catapulting it into one of favourite releases of this year. It's available to buy/download right now on various formats from




 The Daysleepers - Creation

After a ten year hiatus away from the underground shoegaze scene, Buffalo natives 'The Daysleepers' released their highly anticipated long player entitled 'Creation' to worldwide applause, ironing out all of the stateside shoegaze arrogance and righting the previous underlying wrongs that the scene had previously created in the process. Well .... not quite! With a wave of appreciation from some of the self-proclaimed modern day shoegaze commentators, 'Creation' has been mentioned as one of the best albums of 2018 and we have to concur with our learned peers and their aforementioned findings. Not only have this band unleashed a solid, non pretentious album filled with standalone anthems; they've also managed to use all of their previously attained sonic knowhow to meld shoegaze, dream-pop, space-rock and a subtle little layer of modern psych into their collective sound to launch them firmly into the underground ether with rapturous applause. The band are made up of Jeff Kandefer - vocals/guitars/bass VI/programming/keyboards, Mario Gimbrone - drums, Scott Beckstein - bass & Elizabeth Kandefer - vocal and 'Creation' is available to buy/download right now via



Manon Meurt - MMXVII

Manon Meurt hail from Rakovník west of Prague. Inspired by the British shoegaze movement of the early 1990's and bands such as Ride, Lush and Slowdive, this impressive four piece have managed to collectively merge those impressive early scene shoegaze sounds with a modern edge to create something altogether mesmerising.  Their self-titled 12" EP was released back in 2014 to glowing reviews, garnering serious attention from the underground faithful thus leading to a re-release through the Canadian-based independent record label - Label Obscura. The band are made up of  Vojtěch Pejša - guitar/vocal, Káťa Elznicová - vocals/guitar, Jiří Bendl - drums and David Tichý - synths/piano. 'MMXVIII', the band's highly anticipated debut long player, was officially released back on October 12th 2018 via Minority Records and is available to buy/download on various formats from both & respectively.



 Echodrone - Past, Preset and Future

It's been quite some time since we've had any music from brilliant San Francisco based experimental shoegazers 'Echodrone'. Their impressive 2015 released long player 'Five' caught the ear of the venerable 'Saint Marie Records' and marked a significant change sonically for the band. It was released at a time when the resurgent underground scene was booming and shoegaze was a buzz word on the lips of passionate scenesters. It was also met with rave reviews upon release and is still spoken about today as being a landmark album from that year. Now the band have returned with a brand new thirteen track opus entitled 'Past, Preset and Future'. Self -released, this massive compendium of tracks swirls and dances through a multitude of music genres such as shoegaze, dream pop, post-punk, electronica, post-rock and indie-rock with relative ease and is sure to stir up the hearts and minds of the underground faithful once more. The album had it's full release on January 23rd 2018 and is available to buy/download via all of the bands usual outlets.



EP REVIEW - Burning House - Tracer - Post Image - (300x300) Burning House - Tracer 

Southampton based 'Burning House' inject blissed out noisy infusions of sublime melancholy into their sound that is very, very hard to shake off. Streaming through shoegaze, melody driven alternative rock and swirling dream pop, 'Burning House' have evolved somewhat from their heavier and more alternative feedback driven debut single 'If You Won't' adapting and sculpturing a collective sound so serine in it's approach that on first listen it immediately harkened back to those early 90's pioneering shoegaze stalwarts 'MBV, Ride & Swervedriver'  with song structures reminiscent of early 'Verve' and the absolute raw power of (dare I say it?) - 'Smashing Pumpkins'. Their four track debut EP entitled 'Tracer' was released back on the 17th February 2018 and is available to buy/download right now via



EP REVIEW - Tombstones In their Eyes - Nothing Here - Post Image - (300x300) Tombstones In Their Eyes - Nothing Here 

There’s something tantalizingly interesting in a band/album description wherein genres cross from somewhat oppositional points. Its like saying ‘I’m in a J-Pop band, our sound is a mixture of Perfume and… Napalm Death’. Immediately you’re interested, you’re captivated, because, due to your years of musical socialization, you find the mixture of those two bands to be somewhat amazing. You also find that mixture of bands to be like mixing ice cream with sausage… it may taste like trash, but it sure is interesting. In my book, creditability can be found and served happily to those who are willing to push the boundaries, to experiment… Even if things turn out like trash, there is a kind of theatre of the absurd quality that makes it more important than some bunch of musicians who stuck to the rules in the proverbial book. Speaking of the proverbial book, turns out LA-based group 'Tombstones In Their Eyes' didn’t read it. Their latest release, a tight three track EP entitled 'Nothing Here', melds the shoegaze explorations of bands like MBV and even a tinge of bands like Asteroid 4 with the dirty, sludge/psych guitar music of stoner bands like Kyuss and a kind of watered down Monster Magnet ..... seriously recommended!



ALBUM REVIEW - Nonn - XVII - Post Image - (300x300) NONN - XVII 

When Stockholm's Christian Eldefors (The Orange Revival) released his debut solo album as 'NONN' back in May 2017 we instantly viewed his style of music as forward thinking psych-punk. Minimalistic, atmospheric and brooding with a simmering melodic undercurrent of modern electronics that wowed us from the off. Now he has returned with his sophomore release aptly titled 'XVII'. Joined by Hannes Nyling and Christian's brother Alexander, the project has a heavier feel this time around, leaning more into the electronic side of the venture, apparently a bi-product of touring and playing the debut album live all over Europe. The album gets it's full release on December 7th 2018 via those ever reliable folks over at Fuzz Club Records and is available to pre-order right now both digitally from or on lovely vinyl from



EP REVIEW - Medistation - Medistation - Post image - (300x300) Medistation - S/T

Eric Strand is no stranger to Stockholm's burgeoning underground psych scene. Having already established himself in The Orange Revival (hands down one of the best neo-psych outfits out there today) Eric has just announced the self-titled debut EP release for one of his other musical projects, the mesmerising 'Medistation'. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, 'Medistation' create a visceral sonic palate filled with fizzing, alternative led, noise-pop drenched in swathes of shuddering reverb and swirling feedback. It collectively spotlights that truly epic early 1990's melodic neo-psychedelic sound, a sound that can sometimes get lost within this modern underground scene. The EP is a collaborative effort, with guest vocals from Jake Garcia (The Black Angels), percussion from Cobian Modeste (The Buttertones) and grand piano from Max Groundstroem (Samling/Valp). It had it's official release back on April 20th 2018 via those London-based purveyors of all things meaningful 'Fuzz Club Records' and is available on various formats via fuzz



EP REVIEW - The Altered Hours - Post Image - (300x300) The Altered Hours  - On My Tongue 

After a year's worth of touring in support of their stunning debut album 'In Heat Not Sorry', Irish-based noise merchants 'The Altered Hours' decamped to Dublin's Bow Lane Studios to record their highly anticipated brand new four track EP entitled 'On My Tongue' . With a sound that typically tumbles through swathes of experimental psych, swirling fuzz and is at times peppered with layers of noisy shoegaze, the band decided to take a slight sojourn on this latest release by swerving into the noisier side of rock & roll thus giving us a little glimpse of what's to come on their forthcoming full length sophomore release. 'On My Tongue' was officially released on March 9th 2018 via Art For The Blind Records/Penske Recordings and is available to buy/download right now on various formats from



ALBUM REVIEW - Alien Lizard - Pure Kafka - Post Image - (300x300) Alien Lizard - Pure Kafka

Gdansk-based psychedelic explorers 'Alien Lizard' create no-nonsense psychedelic incantations filled to the brim with squally lysergic tinged reverberations, fizzing electronics and droning instrumentation all teetering brilliantly on top of shaking percussion and deep penetrative bass progressions. Their immense debut album entitled 'Pure Kafka' was officially released back on February 23rd 2018 and is available to buy/download right now via 




Album Review - Psychic Lemon - Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay - Post image - (300x300) Psychic Lemon - Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay

London based psych aficionados 'Psychic Lemon' inject swirling space rock, well drilled prog rock and motorik krautrock into their overall sound that is both hypnotic and addictive all at once. This impressive three piece (previously a quartet) have been ploughing a deep sonic furrow into the underground psych collective since the release of their self-titled debut album back in 2016 but I have to admit that I hadn't heard of the band up until receiving the press release for their brand new album. I've since rectified that issue. Entitled 'Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay', this immense collection of five tracks is explosive, exquisite and quite possibly one of the best albums that I've heard in some time. At times sonically transcending, 'Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay' breathes new life into a collective of genres that have been very much diluted beyond hope over the past few years. 'Psychic Lemon' strip these genres back to their base components before collectively reimagining them into a huge singular sonic entity. 'Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay' had it's official release on January 12th 2018 via tonzonen records and is available to buy/download on various formats including lovely vinyl from 



ALBUM REVIEW - Crimen - Silent Animals - Post Image - (300x300) Crimen - Silent Animals 

Rome-based psych/kraut trio 'Crimen' have been delicately enticing their fanbase with their long-overdue debut full length release for well over a decade. Steeped in modern psych with an infusion of hyperactive krautrock, 'Crimen' have developed a sound that at times dips it's sonic tendrils into subtle shoegaze and lurching post-punk creating a fizzing lysergic brew that they have self-titled 'Kraut-Punk'. Formed in the Centocelle district of Rome back in 2007 by Simone Greco - bass/vocals/sound engineering and Patrizio Strippoli - guitars/voice, it took another six years before the band enlisted Giuseppe Trezza - drums/electronics. After a collection of successful EP's and two years hibernating to record 'Silent Animals', Crimen officially unleashed the album to the masses back on June 29th 2018, joining forces with the good folks over at 'Fuzz Club Records'. 'Silent Animals' is available to buy/download right now on various formats via & respectively.



ALBUM REVIEW - Alien Mustangs - Alienation - Post Image - (300x300) Alien Mustangs - Alienation 

Thessaloniki natives 'Alien Mustangs' are something of a modern day enigma. Through their highly energetic and psychedelically infectious live shows coupled with a DIY release ethos and their anti-social media stance they have managed to thrive exponentially and create a debut album worth shouting about without the need for massive PR campaigns or an online presence. Their collective sound is the result of an inherent need to not follow the sonic norms and instead focus on breaking boundaries or pushing new sonic frontiers. Their brand of modern psych/space rock is deeply rooted in sixties garage whist pulling into the mix some modern influences such as Spacemen 3, Loop and The 13th Floor Elevators. 'Alien Mustangs' back catalogue consists of the 'Pause/Red Tambourine' 7 inch released in March 2013, the 'River' 10 inch EP released in May 2014 and 'The Tape Sessions' two-track, released exclusively on cassette in November 2015. This long overdue full length release brilliantly titled 'Alienation' was officially unleashed back on the 15th May 2018 via Sound Effect Records and is available to buy/download right now from



ALBUM REVIEW - Firefriend - yellow Spider - Post Image - (300x300) Firefriend - Yellow Spider 

The ever prolific São Paulo-based trio of 'Firefriend' continue to plough a deep sonic furrow in todays modern psych firmament. With a plethora of releases since 2009 it comes as no surprise at all to us that these guys show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Their latest release entitled 'Yellow Spider' oozes the same sonic brilliance witnessed on this years previously released (April 2018) long player 'Sulfur', diving headlong into slow burning psych melded with hazy passages of shoegaze, but there are also subtle signs of a more noisier, up-tempo approach creeping in to the bands sonic arsenal that is very refreshing. The band are made up of Julia Grassetti - bass/vox/keyboards, C.Amaral - drums/synth/harmonica & Yury Hermuche - guitar /vox. Not officially unleashed until the 2nd of November 2018,  'Yellow Spider' is the second full length album from 'Firefriend' to be jointly released by both the UK-based Cardinal Fuzz Records & Portland-based Little Cloud Records this year so depending on your current location you can get your muggy paws on a copy from either or  respectively.



ALBUM REVIEW - The Oscillation - Wasted Space - Post Image (300x300) The Oscillation - Wasted Space 

Lets get straight too it: The Oscillation's latest release, 'Wasted Space' is the definition of bonkers genius. I first heard that term, ‘bonkers genius’ in regards to a film script that had been written as a proposed sequel to a very popular and big budget movie. But underneath it all there was something amazing. Perhaps that ‘something’ was the very composition of the script, maybe it was that, when stepping back, the plot actually made coherent (and considerate) sense. Maybe it was because everything locked together in a way that many people wouldn’t even consider when approaching it. All these questions can be applied to 'Wasted Space' . Tracks here are scattered underneath piles of bizarrely twisted loops, sound FX, off kilter guitars, and just general madness. Underneath it somewhere, is a warped and absurdist dance album. Preface: this is one of those releases that even the greatest writers cannot accurately describe. Demian Castellanos has created a swirling hedonistic thrill ride in the guise of 'Wasted Space'. It's the bands sixth album to date and it leads the listener on a blistering journey into the darker side of the experimental psych spectrum, a side that balances tentatively on a fizzing tight rope of sonic emotions. The album had it's official release back on the 21st of September 2018 via those good folks over at Fuzz Club Records and is available to buy/download right now on various formats via respectively.



 Holy Monitor - II

Blistering Athens-based experimental psych/kraut rock collective 'Holy Monitor' wowed us back in early 2017 with their debut self-titled full length release absolutely filled to the brim with luscious soundscapes that pull together different disciplines to create an otherworldly sonic vibe charged with glistening hypnotics that are all collectively drenched in a woozy kind of psychedelic abandonment. 'Holy Monitor' first pinged our radar with their very impressive 'Ongakubaka Records' released 'Golden Light​/​Aeolus', a compilation containing both of the bands previously released (only digital & in a ltd edition cassette) EP's and since then we've been firmly on board with what they create musically. From rhythmic krautrock to blissed out space rock and on into modern day psych permutations, 'Holy Monitor' do not disappoint. Now the band have unleashed 'II', their monstrous sophomore full length that builds on what the band have already manifested, a wonderful, no nonsense lysergic tinged sonic assault on the cranium. 'II' was officially released back on October 12th 2018 via the good folks over at Backspin Records in Greece and is available to buy/download right now from



ALBUM REVIEW - Prana Crafter - Enter The Stream - Post Image - (300x300) Prana Crafter - Enter The Stream

William Sol aka 'Prana Crafter' has released some mesmerising experimental psych & acid folk through a plethora of underground labels throughout the years from his home base on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Through labels like  Beyond Beyond is Beyond, Eiderdown, Deep Water Acres, and Reverb Worship his soundscapes have permeated the sonic ether, flowing down through various levels of consciousness to paint a sonic tapestry so rich in colour that listening to his work is genuinely more akin to a intensely spiritual journey of sonic discovery. Sol returned with what could be the best album of 2018. A blistering new long player entitled 'Enter The Stream', a collection of eight tracks that skip effortlessly through ambient tinged psych folk, acid folk and kosmische styled psych rock all steeped in a kind of esoteric brilliance. 'Enter The Stream' was officially released back on July 31st 2018 jointly via the good folks over at Sunrise Ocean Bender Records and Cardinal Fuzz Records and is available to buy right now through

NEW SINGLE - Fawns Of Love - Mournful Eyes - Featured Image - (700x700)

NEW SINGLE | Fawns Of Love - Mournful Eyes

Seemingly unable to put a foot wrong these days, the sublime Californian-based husband and wife team 'Fawns Of Love' have ushered in another sizzling slice of modern tinged dream-pop in the guise of their latest single 'Mournful Eyes', the second single to be lifted from their highly anticipated long player entitled 'Permanent', penned in for release in 2019 via Test Pattern Records. This latest single is the second to be taken from the aforementioned brand new LP, following hot on the heels of one of our favourite singles of 2018 so far, the wonderfully blissful  'Someday'.

'Mournful Eyes' sees the band continuing to experiment with their sonic craft injecting sequenced electronics and repetitive percussion with melodic guitars, simmering swells of synth and swooning vocalisations to collectively create something altogether magical. The track was officially released back on the 9th November 2018, was mixed and mastered by Josiah Mazzaschi (The Jesus & Mary Chain/Built to Spill) and is available to buy/download right now via



ALBUM REVIEW - Trillion - Maybe Someday Soon - Featured Image - (700x700)

EP REVEW | Trillion - Maybe Sometime Soon

ARTIST: Trillion

RELEASE: Maybe Sometime Soon

RELEASE DATE: 9th August 2018


Sydney-based sonic aficionados 'Trillion' was originally formed by two best friends during the heady days of the first shoegaze genesis, before disbanding to focus on the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Now, after over a decade of hibernation their swirling brand of alternative led shoegaze with subtle dream-pop tendencies has become increasingly relevant, this time with an added injection of modern musical influences and far superior advancements in recording techniques. Their fantastic new seven track EP entitled 'Maybe Sometime Soon' was initially recorded as a duo although they have recently expanded to a five piece with an eye on live shows and more expansive recording. 'Maybe Sometime Soon' was officially self-released back on the 9th August 2018 and is available right now to buy/download via

The EP opens up trembling on woozy guitar progression drenched in sizzling reverb. 'Alone' dives headlong into a melodic sonic stew as fizzing layers of guitar ride steady lines of percussion and the deep boom of delicious bass frequencies hover alongside, delicately complimented by the cutting tone of the vocals. Intricate lines of lead guitar intertwine with catchy chord sequences allowing space for the reverb to breathe and lift the higher guitar tones out into the ether. Deeply melancholic, 'Alone' transports the listener back to those heady early 90's sounds as it floats effortlessly on the sonic ether. Up next, the bellowing collectiveness of heavy bass and charging guitars announces the arrival of 'Drive Away' and we're bowled over as that thunderous percussive attack leads the charge and we crash into a wall of tingling instrumental melody. There are hints of the melodic side of seminal shoegaze stalwarts Ride and sheer fuzzed out mayhem of Swervedriver coursing through the veins of this track that are very hard to shake. The arrival of the vocal, pulled back into the mix, adds intense depth and brilliant atmospherics as those swirling clouds of frequency laden reverb ebb and flow through passages of driving instrumentation and huge cavernous breaks. 'Drive Away' is absolutely brilliant and a definite highlight for me on this release.

'Maybe Sometime Soon' begins like a modern dream-pop track until it explodes into a riot of colour and fuzz. It's off tempo percussion is slightly disorientating at first and it takes a while to figure out just whats going on, but my god, when everything comes into focus instrumentally this track is powerful. The duel vocal works well here and I love how those those huge walls of fuzzed out guitars sit on top of the cascading bass line as meandering lead guitar sews everything together. Up next, 'So Serene' does exactly as it says on the tin. Ethereal instrumentation highlights the bands subtle dream-pop leanings as swirling layers of reverb bounce on top of that mesmerising bass line and the steady pitter patter of percussion carries a distinctly post-punk hued vocal line into a charging MBV styled break. Its another mesmerising highlight and a serious recommendation from me. 'Stars In The Sky' screams JAMC and those dizzying line of percussion are reminiscent of early creation era Primal Scream but it's the production on this track that catches the ear. Again the vocal lines seem to keep everything grounded here as just below the mix as the overruling influences of MBV are evident in those screaming lines of guitar.

'Hold On', the EP's penultimate piece, swirls into audible range trapped in a shimmering cloud of golden frequencies as the swoosh of tambourine and the jangle of guitar bubble on top of a cascading bass progression. The arrival of the percussion sets us off at marching speed as the vocals arrive, pushed back into the mix and we float into that soaring tambourine filled break. Catchy chord changes filled with fuzzier moments of sonic reflection shatter the quieter verse perspective as that ever present boom of bass caught up in those thunderous drum rolls continue to captivate this listener. The EP finally closes out with 'Desert Song' and we're swept up on lines of woozy guitars and slow moving drum patterns. Another brilliant bass progression bouncing just below the mix lifts everything up superbly as swirling waves of guitar and deep pools of diminished reverb drench the collective instrumentation. Subtle highlights of melodic guitar and undulating synth add to the overall atmospherics as we lurch through soaring shoegaze peaks and on into booming troughs of alternative led production. It's a fitting ending to a marvellously melancholic EP.




Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

Del Chaney has spent the last five years dedicating his time to uncovering the best artists in the unsigned or small independent label based shoegaze, ethereal dream-pop, post-punk & modern psych rock from all over the globe & reviewing them for this blog - The Primal Music Blog. He is also a contributing writer for The Sound Of Confusion (Now On Hiatus). His other arm  - Primal Radio -  has gained considerable respect from bands and promoters alike since its conception in 2013 & has helped him in actively promoting genres of music that he is passionate about. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, he is a keen Vinyl Collector, Tattoo Fan & all round good guy! He is a self confessed music freak & is never far away from a studio console or a turntable.

ALBUM REVIEW - Parrot Dream - Light Goes - Featured Image - (700x700)

ALBUM REVIEW | Parrot Dream - Light Goes

ALBUM REVIEW - Parrot Dream - Light Goes - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Parrot Dream

RELEASE: Light Goes

RELEASE DATE: August 24th 2018

RECORD COMPANY: Good Eye Records

'Light Goes' is the debut LP from Brooklyn-based dream-pop/psych-pop outfit Parrot Dream. It’s a neat combination of old school alternative bands (such as the Cocteau Twins) and newer, sleeker sounding dream-pop bands like Beach House and Memory House. Everything is sort of here: the breathy female vocals, the wizzingly bright synths, the reverb guitar, the drum machine-esque beats and, finally, that weird place between nostalgia and retrospective abandonment that only dream-pop can capture. With this in mind however, Parrot Dream don't really ride the genre in a new and wholly original direction. They use what’s already lying around to create their collective sound; albeit with a nifty talent for song writing and production. The band on this release is made up of Christina Hansen Appel (Kiki) - vocals/keys, Gonzalo Guerrero - guitar, Matt Sklar - bass & Agustin Faundez Rojas - drums/ percussion'Light Goes' had it's official release back on the 24th August 2018 via Good Eye Records and is available to buy/download right now on various formats from

The opener and titular track starts things off brilliantly; guitar and keyboards weave over a simplistic drum beat that rolls tiredly along. The vocals add to this already catchy and soft texture. Here the band are accurately playing upon the ‘pop’ side of dream-pop; the song provides an enjoyably laidback introduction into the album. ‘Follow Me’ takes a more ballad-like approach, the vocals are breathy and whispered and the tempo has been laid back even more. However, this song lacks the catchiness of opener ‘Light Goes’ and seems to pale in comparison somewhat. Unfortunately, this type of slow-burn songwriting continues on ‘1740’, which doesn’t really go anywhere beyond the point of a collection of instruments playing an unconnected tune. Thankfully, the following track pulls the show back together; ‘Paradise and Prey’ features a calming backing synth and the occasional guitar plucking to forge a calming image in the listeners mind. The sound captures a band in unison, with the vocals sounding more connected to the rest of the instrumentation as a whole. ‘Julio’ is an album highlight: the intricate drum beats, weaving throughout a slow synth line and the usual guitar plucking create a different approach to the type of textures previously explored throughout the album. The vocals shine (perhaps the most interesting vocal performance on the album) in a manner similar to the aforementioned melding of Memory House.

‘By Your Side’ continues this, its opening showcasing the power of a dream pop-based soundscape. Following this, the contemplative side of dream-pop happily follows as the band perform with a deeper and more concentrated sound. ‘Fall Forward’ is a neat, post-punk hued tune which envelops into a more beautiful, whimsical place as the song rolls on. The instrumentation here, mixed with the high vocals, makes for a beautifully rich and engaging sound. ‘Cloudchaser’ seems to be the pinnacle of the previous group of songs: it collects the best elements of Parrot Dream into one song, projecting something both enjoyable and well written. Here the performances finally connect perfectly with the production and mixing, creating a credible album highlight. The darker and challenging ‘Ode to Octavia’ is just as interesting, collecting up all the previously mentioned elements of dream-pop and twisting them to sound more like a question than a thought. ‘Helium’ proves to be one of the best songs on the album, lasting longer than other tracks and combining thoughts and sketches into long winded instrumental passages. The second half especially sounds like somewhat of a homage to shoegaze; guitars climb, drums smash and vocals soar.

'Light Goes', as previously mentioned, is not exactly a wholly new, original take on the dream-pop genre. Its cards are placed with a historical retrospective and a familiarity that the band actually plays to its strength throughout. And often Parrot Dream and their use of dream-pop practices is actually quite refreshing because it relies on nothing more than quality song writing and performance rather than explorative elements. At times, of course, this is a hinderance. Most predominantly on the first half of the album, songs seem like album fillers or slight re-hashes of other music you’ve heard before. Thankfully the second half of 'Light Goes' seems to recover and realise the correct direction that songs and tracks should be taken in. Interestingly enough, I often find myself weighing up the amount of songs on albums by particular bands, seen here in a sort of contemplative footnote in the second half of the review. Without going too deeply into critical points, I believe that 'Light Goes' may have too many songs on it. Much like many of the releases I’ve heard lately through this blog, the extent of track listings are stretched to ten or more tracks, with no hugely variant elements found from track to track, making the album seem like more of a forced odyssey than an interesting adventure. Parrot Dream are almost an exception though, as the second half seems to pick up the pace and set things a little more ‘on course’. Compliments to the performances and production, the album cover (a fantastic picture that truly captures the songs on the album) and the overall sound.




Cam Phillips - Contributing Writer

Cam Phillips is a writer and above all, a music lover, who seeks to gain experience through writing and listening. He is also an avid film viewer and art and literature junkie who enjoys creative writing. His most recent published work was featured on Baeble Music and Culture (USA), Sounds and Colours Magazine (Latin America, London), Easterndaze (Latvia) and the Australian-based heavy music blog, I Probably Hate Your Band.

NEW SINGLE - Citrus Clouds - Golden Sun - Featured Image - (700x700)

NEW SINGLE | Citrus Clouds - Golden Sun

One of our favourite bands at the minute, the ever brilliant Phoenix-based trio 'Citrus Clouds', have been busying themselves behind the scenes working on some new material that will eventually go on to form the basis of a full release sometime in 2019. For now though, they've just released a little taster of whats to come in the guise of their new two track aptly named 'Golden Sun' (b/w 'Nothing Familiar'), a superb follow up to last January's beautiful 'You Loved Me First' single (lifted from the immense 'Ultra Sound' EP originally released back in September 2017 via Custom Made Music).

With a sound that centres around melody infused shoegaze that's filled with a unlabored and dreamy under current of dream-pop, 'Citrus Clouds' create catchy reverb laden soundscapes befitting of this modern day resurgence of the sound. 'Golden Sun' is seamlessly impressive and this in turn only bodes well for the full release in 2019.

The band consists of Stacie Huttleston - bass/vocals, Erick Pineda - guitar/vocals & Angelica Pedrego - drums. 'Golden Sun' was officially released back on July 30th 2018 and is available to buy/download right now via



NEW SINGLE - Thud - ADO - Featured Image - (700x700)

NEW VIDEO | Thud - Ado

Self styled 'space-gazers' and Hong Kong natives 'Thud' have just unleashed a brand new video to accompany their latest single entitled 'Ado', produced by the band themselves in Hong Kong and mixed in Leeds over in the UK by the ever prolific Matthew Johnson at Suburban Home Studio (Hookworms, Eagulls, The Spook School). 'Thud' are made up of Andy & Sky on guitars, Wang - bass, Wai - drums and Kim on vocals/synth. 'Ado' is released via long term collaborators 'Songs For Children' and a new UK-based indie label 'Ghost Crew Records'. The video was directed by Neo Yeung and the single 'Ado' b/w 'Still Still' is available right now digitally HERE and is released later in the year on 7" vinyl.

'Ado' is a slice of summer sun drenched in luscious reverb with the ability to soar into the ether at will with layers of guitar, swells of synth and pounding percussion all enveloping a stunning vocal line. Simply magnificent.



NEW SINGLE - Soft Science - Sooner/Paris - Featured Image - (700x700)

NEW SINGLE | Soft Science - Sooner / Paris

Hailing from Sacramento Valley, 'Soft Science' flirt beautifully with a heady blend of shimmering pop orientated song structures deftly infused with 90's era shoegaze sensibilities, melodic dream-pop and a subtle understated tinge of 60's era guitar bands. The band are made up of Katie Haley - vocals, Matt Levine - guitar, Ross Levine - drums/backing vocals & Mason DeMusey on bass. 'Sooner' is the second single to be lifted from their forthcoming & highly anticipated long player 'Maps' (available to pre-order HERE) penned in for release via the California-based independent label 'Test Pattern Records' on June 1st 2018 and it follows on from the albums brilliant lead track 'Undone' which was officially released back in April 2018.

'Sooner' soars into the ether on cyclonic waves of simmering synth, humming bass and jangling guitars that all meld effortlessly with those dreamy vocalisations courtesy of Katie Haley. Catchy chorus changes reminiscent of seminal era Lush are intensely captivating here also as are those twinkling tambourine shakes that arrive sporadically to ride that steady percussive swagger. The B-side to this single is a cover version of Northern Picture Library’s 1994 track ‘Paris’ originally released on another one of those covers compilations from TBTCI Records. As cover versions don't really float our boat here at Primal Music we'll leave it up to you to decide on this tracks viability.

'Sooner/Paris' is available to buy/download right now via