EP REVIEW - The Altered Hours - On My Tongue - Featured Image - (700x700)

EP REVIEW | The Altered Hours - On My Tongue

EP REVIEW - The Altered Hours - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: The Altered Hours

RELEASE: On My Tongue 

RELEASE DATE: 9th March 2018

RECORD COMPANY: Art for Blind/Penske Recordings

After a year's worth of touring in support of their stunning debut album 'In Heat Not Sorry', Irish-based noise merchants 'The Altered Hours' decamped to Dublin's Bow Lane Studios to record their highly anticipated brand new four track EP entitled 'On My Tongue' . With a sound that typically tumbles through swathes of experimental psych, swirling fuzz and is at times peppered with layers of noisy shoegaze, the band decided to take a slight sojourn on this latest release by swerving into the noisier side of rock & roll thus giving us a little glimpse of what's to come on their forthcoming full length sophomore release. 'On My Tongue' was officially released on March 9th 2018 via Art For The Blind Records/Penske Recordings and is available to buy/download right now on various formats from thealteredhours.bandcamp.com

A fuzzy guitar progression generously harassed by menacing feedback, fret noise and jittering reverberation announces the arrival 'On My Tongue', the EP's opening salvo. It's rumbling percussion arrives from deep below the mix, building meticulously as it pulls a skittish beat and that repetitive bass signature with it into audible range to carefully circumnavigate an impressive opening vocal line. This track explodes into a cacophony of angry noise and it's filled to the brim with a repetitive injection of fuzz, pounding drums, throbbing bass lines and that addictive pulse of feedback laden guitars. Up next, 'Open Wide' shuffles into earshot swirling brilliantly through heady layers of moody atmospherics and sticky reverberation as the slow tempo of drums undulate and move like a well oiled pendulum allowing the hum of that luscious bass progression and the accompanying repetitive guitar line wash over the listener completely. Sporadic lines of lead guitar meander in and out of the mix as another impressive vocal performance hovers in close proximity, shadowed at times by haunting lines of backing vocals and those turbulent swells of resonating instrumentation.

'Over The Void', the EP's penultimate piece, drives a noisy wedge into the sonic ether as a rumbling percussive assault attacks the senses allowing those melodic vocalisations to swirl and meld with angry guitars and the pulse of sullen bass frequencies. This track is triumph, a bloody masterpiece and a definite highlight for me on the entire release. The EP closes out spiralling into the ether stuck fast to a repetitive beat and the glistening sound of tambourine, jangling stabs of guitar and acoustic frequencies. 'Hey No Way' is thoroughly addictive and is interspersed at times with passages of experimental psych, neo-psych and fuzzed out rock and roll. Brilliantly executed vocal lines ride turbulent layers of instrumentation that collectively soar into the ether, increasing in tempo with each cyclonic circumference, before plateauing into a huge sonic behemoth and nose diving into it's sullen finale. It's a huge ending to a marvellous EP.

'The Altered Hours' have twisted and reshaped their normal sonic attack into something altogether new and mesmerising with 'On My Tongue'. It has subtle highlights of post-punk, psych, neo-psych, shoegaze and riotous rock & roll all bundled up into one almighty white knuckle sonic thrill ride.







Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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The Grey merchant - Convenience (700x700) Featured Image

NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | The Grey Merchant - Convenience

Cork based sonic experimentalists 'The Grey Merchant' have twisted their sound completely on it's head with their rather strange new single entitled 'Convenience', released on the 31st May 2017 and lifted off their forthcoming album 'Avenue De Rennes' due for release in late July. Gone are the reverberating tones of experimental psych/stoner/motorik kraut rock & fuzzy shoegaze that were the cornerstone of their previous two singles to be replaced by driving grunge themed instrumentalism with punk undertones and sullen alt-rock vocalisations on this latest release. This band definitely don't like being pigeon holed into any one particular genre. For those of you new to the sound of 'The Grey Merchant', it is the collaborative recording project of Enda O'Flaherty (Neon Atlas) and a collection of friends and fellow musicians.

You can head over to thegreymerchant.bandcamp.com to check out their back catalogue and to get your hands on this latest single.





NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | The Grey Merchant - The Last Transmission

Cork based experimental kraut/psych/alternative collective 'The Grey Merchant' have returned with a stunning new single entitled 'The Last Transmission' following on from their highly addictive debut single 'Spotless (The Protecting Veil)''The Grey Merchant' is the collaborative recording project of Enda O'Flaherty (Neon Atlas) and a collection of friends and fellow musicians. Their sound gravitates towards a mixture of stoner rock & modern day experimental psych & kraut rock with a moody undertone that is steeped in glorious reverberation. 'The last Transmission' is penned in for release on February 23rd with the promise of more releases throughout 2017.

'The Last Transmission' is absolutely massive in scope! Instrumentally immense, it glides through layer after layer of blistering reverberation, rattling on explosive percussion, soaring synth swells and impressive vocalisations all the while being whipped into a sonic frenzy by intricate guitar progressions and brilliant executed production. A step up from their previous release, 'The Last Transmission' only whets the appetite for a hell of a lot more from the band.






Hailing from Southern Ireland, 'The Grey Merchant' have just announced their stunning debut single entitled 'Spotless (The Protecting Veil)' , penned in for release on November 8th 2016 via Demeanour Records. 'The Grey Merchant' is the collaborative recording project of Cork based Enda O'Flaherty (Neon Atlas) and a collection of friends and fellow musicians. Their sound gravitates towards a mixture of stoner rock & modern day experimental psych & kraut rock with a moody undertone that is steeped in glorious reverberation. With the promise of further singles and an EP to follow in 2017, 'The Grey Merchant' are most definitely the ones to watch.

'Spotless (The Protecting Veil)' rumbles around a sampled vocal line (courtesy of Charlie Chaplin's speech from 'The Great Dictator') as the track deftly unfurls its edgy side and unleashes a repetitive percussive assault on the senses. Throbbing bass lines and squally droning guitars circumnavigate the entire soundscape as we lurch forward in a distinctly motorik krautrock fashion all the while pulsing stunning frequencies into the atmosphere.

Recommended listening!