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Do you love listening to music more than anything in the world? On what? On headphones or speakers? If you also prefer the high fidelity multi-channel sound system over headphones or earphones, like me, I have a surprise for you.

First, tell me, is the room where you spend most of your time medium or large enough in size? If yes, add a room-shaking bass performance to your home entertainment stereo system with this premium quality, black ash-colored, 12” front-firing subwoofer, SVS PB 1000 PRO.

The newly launched PB-1000 Pro has featured huge upgrades, compared to the predecessor model, PB-1000. With a frequency response of 17 to 260 Hz, it switched to a dual-ported design, increased the 10” driver size to 12”, upgraded the amplification capability from 300 watts to 325 watts, other specs, and features. 

The advancements, the huge boost in specifications, features, control options, and sound performance make me convinced to recommend this sub-model to everybody. It’s one of the most accomplished subwoofers available today. It sounds splendid and responds to the sound you seek, for sure.

SVS PB-1000 PRO Specifications

AMPLIFIER:325 Watts RMS (820+ Watts Peak), Class-D Amplification
DRIVER: 12” long-throw driver with high-precision tuned overhung motor configuration
VOICE COIL: Premium high-purity copper 6-layered, winding designed, 1.5” diameter voice coil
PORT SIZE: Dual 3.5″ ports with Front-Firing Configuration
FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 17-260 Hz ±3 dB in Standard mode / 19-260 Hz ±3 dB in Sealed mode
INPUT IMPEDANCE:20 Kilohms on Speaker level and 16 Kilohms through RCA
PHASE ADJUSTMENT: 0 / 45 / 90 / 135 / 180°
WIRED CONNECTIVITY:Stereo RCA Input (LFE), Binding Post Pair Input and Output, Stereo RCA Output, 1/8″ / 3.5 mm Input (12 V Trigger), and USB Type-A (Service/Wireless
DIMENSIONS (WITH GRILLE):18.9” (479 mm) H X 15” (380 mm) W X 20” (509 mm) D
DIMENSIONS (WITHOUT GRILLE):18.9” (479 mm) H X 15” (380 mm) W X 19.2” (488 mm) D
WEIGHT: 19.3 kg with Grille
DESIGN: Floor standing subwoofer model with rubber feet
CONSTRUCTION: MDF cabinet with removable protective grille of non-resonant extra-thick ABS fabric mesh material
SPECIAL FEATURES:SVS BLE control app compatibility, customizable User presets, 3 PEQs per preset, Customer EQ and DSP limiter settings, adjustable low pass, and new Intelligent Feature Control (IFC) user interface on the amplifier with bright blue 11 LED bar display and easy push-button controls
  • Quite small, lightweight, and easy to move
  • True extension down to 20Hz 
  • Real mid-bass punch
  • Winding designed voice coil minimizes distortion and power compression, maximizes heat dissipation, and linearity, plus tuned magnetics for high excursion
  • High-resolution, double-precision 56-bit filtering configuration inside Amplifier
  • The SVS Sub app includes 3-band PEQ and other user-friendly present options to ease the operation.
  • Highest drive level includes a fair amount of distortion
  • Relatively much expansive

SVS PB-1000 PRO review

9.7out of 10

Value for Money9.6

I think you start believing by now that I’m not exaggerating. I’ve pointed my finger against the SVS PB-1000 Pro for its relatively high price, but I would like you to have a close look at the additional bells and whistles it offers. After going through all points, you should decide whether it will be a worthwhile investment or not.

SVS PB-1000 PRO Features


Ergonomic Design

Some people don’t mind the appearance of a sound system, but I do. Besides having power-packed features inside, I always prefer to have a music system; that could complement the interior. If you think just like me, the SVS PB-1000 Pro model never disappoints you.

If you’re trying to fill a large room with killer sound or incorporate an open floor plan, you’ll need a bigger / more powerful subwoofer. Also, in most cases, spending more will buy you a more feature-rich subwoofer. In that case, the SVS PB-1000 subwoofer is perfect for use in the bedroom or study room. Moreover, SVS is known for making makes an entire line of premium 12-inch subwoofers – to cover all situations.

It doesn’t matter what the color of your room is, as the black texture matte finishing looks stunning with every interior. The rounded edge makes it super living-room friendly so you never get hurt by accident.

The exposed drivers and ports don’t look good in any domestic space. That’s why; the SVS subwoofer includes a black-fabric wrapped frame grille, which also enhances the outer beauty of the subs.

PD-1000 PRO performance

Excellent Build Quality

The dual-port design of the cabinet maximizes the driver motion, airflow inside the cabinet, and amplifier power without distortion. The cabinet has a solid construction of double-thick MDF material; that lasts for a long and creates a resonance-free environment to enhance the sound performance.

Features and Connectivity

SVS-PB1000-PRO Features

Sledge STA-325D Amplifier

The 325 watts RMS and 820 watts peak power rated amplifier works with the highly-efficient Class-D amplification technology with 34A 120V MOSFET output. It effortlessly generates the on-demand current and maximizes the potentiality of a 12” high-excursion driver.

Rear Panel Intelligent Control Interface (ICI)

Such a user-friendly interface on the rear amplifier panel with an LED bar indicator and touch buttons simplifies the DSP adjustments of the volume, phase control, and low pass frequency management.

12” Advanced Driver

The Pro version of the SVS PB-1000 upgrades the design of the driver to ensure better output, finesse, and accuracy. Besides enhancing the size from 10” to 12”, it incorporates dual ferrite magnets and FEA-optimized internal motor architecture, along with a long-throw parabolic surround. It ensures massive, pristine output, extreme excursion, and huge room-pressurizing SPLs. 

The oversized motor produces an on-demand driving force for over-the-top bass thrills. The Proprietary injection-molded gasket and NBR extreme-excursion surround enable flawless pistonic motion for sharp control and high-end accuracy, even at the highest drive levels. The powder-coated FEA optimized driver basket ensures maximum rigidity, thermal energy transference, and tensile strength.

The lightweight aluminum vented cone with treated fiber composite dust cap moves a massive amount of air; that creates tactile sonic energy without losing control. It ensures enhanced sensitivity and precise and accurate transient response at the most intense listening levels. Moreover, the multi-layer voice coil eliminates the chance of getting distorted audio and reduces power compression.

50 MHz Analog DSP

All SVS subwoofers come with advanced analog-digital signal processors. The SVS PB-1000 pro model features a precise 56-bit filtering element that maintains the same pristine audio quality after blending the sound with other speakers. It offers powerful DSP controls, optimized frequency response curves, advanced in-room tuning, and more to ensure you get the best-optimized sound from your stereo system.

SVS Subwoofer App

PB-1000 Pro Smartphone App

You can control such DSP functions, EQ parametric, phase, polarity, low pass filter, room gain, port tuning, system settings, and volume through this app. The app lets you manage the custom presets that are separately dedicated for music, movies, and other entertainment mediums. It’s a smartphone app that supports all Android devices and Apple iOS.


SVS PB1000 PRO Connectivity

The SVS PB-1000 Pro subwoofer offers ample wired connectivity options, making it compatible with most stereo systems. I’ve already mentioned the available ports and connections for wired connectivity in the lists of specifications.

It exclusively works through a wireless Bluetooth connection, whereas most subwoofer models lack this handy feature. The SVS app and wireless operation make this subwoofer easiest to handle and manage the controls and DSP functions with just a single touch.

Sound Performance

The SVS PB-1000 Pro sounds immersive for music and hits hard like an 18” driver for DJ music. When you listen to music, you can feel every beat of the song rather than only hearing the sound. The thunderous bass guitar plucks, bass drums, and percussion strikes, every hit will make your hair stand on end for sure.

The movie lovers often crank up the sound pretty loud and get bruised and battered from the inside by the end of this four-hour film. Especially if it was an enormously violent film with some massive explosions and notoriously brutal battle scenes.

But the SVS PB-1000 pro subs render the intensity of battle and explosion scenes with an appropriate fierceness sound to give you a lifelike experience. Moreover, the healthy bass output never lets you feel harsh or painful to hear.

The SVS PB-1000 Pro has a fine room acoustic nature with a huge effect on low frequencies. That’s why; the way it sounds inside a room at any listening position will not provide the same performance anywhere else.

Another best part of this sub is the SVS app will let you change the settings from the chair or bed or anywhere with ease while you listen. The SVS PB-1000 Pro is the best single sub-replacement for a multi-subs set-up in any room.

SVS PB-1000 PRO vs. SVS PB-1000

The first thing to note is that the original PB-1000 model has been discontinued; the PB-1000 Pro completely captured the market, though SVS still continues its up-gradation journey.

You may still buy the PB-1000 models from second-hand product selling sites. It would be a worthwhile investment only when you purchase it at a second-hand price. Otherwise, the PB-1000 models were also introduced at the same price as the improved PB-1000 Pro.

The physical controls of the PB-1000 are simple rotaries on the rear, and it has no app control features. The bright blue indicator light on the front aids in understanding whether the PB-1000 subwoofer is switched on or not; the pro version lacks this user-friendly feature. The PB-1000 is a bit smaller than the Pro model, a genuine solution to the tight spacing problem.

Otherwise, I didn’t find any reason to buy the older model unless one gets a huge discount during second-hand purchasing. The latest PB-1000 pro subwoofer is far better in every way than the PB-1000.


There’s no denying that you could find plenty of affordable alternatives as a good performer as the PB-1000 is. If budget concerns you, you could go with the affordable options, but you may have to compromise with the additional handy features and user-friendly controls that this subwoofer offers. 

If your wallet permits the slight increase in budget, don’t look back from what this pro version offers. 

In addition, its big brother PB-2000 and PB-2000 Pro are also there in the market. 

They are virtually identical based on controls and layout but more powerful versions with a few different sets of applications. You could decide based on how much power you need and according to the size of your room.

I will try to review the upgraded models in the future. Hopefully, you find my statement on the SVS PB-1000 Pro review article honest and useful. If you have any queries regarding SVS PB-1000 Pro, let me know by commenting below.

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