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SVS 3000 Micro

SVS 3000 Micro

Are you searching for a perfect subwoofer that is compact yet powerful? Do Not search anymore. We have the best suggestion for you. The SVS 3000 micro subwoofer is one of the most famous and credible products loved by many people around the globe. 

The SVS 3000 micro subwoofer is a compact yet powerful subwoofer that provides a room-shaking audio experience.

In this article, we will have a detailed review of the product for you with all the details and specifications that you need to know before buying the product.

It’s a no-brainer that we all want a great, powerful, high-quality bass frequency subwoofer for our audio systems. But we usually get all those qualities in bigger, high-end, expensive subwoofer brands that are bigger in size.

A bigger subwoofer requires a bigger space to fit in and costs a ton of money. But, most of us do not have the required space to keep big subs. Here is where micro subs come into play. 

Micro subwoofers are compact, so they can fit even in smaller spaces and are very affordable compared to big subwoofers. Hence, you don’t have to spend a lot of money buying high-end, expensive subwoofers.

With SVS 3000 micro, you could get all the amazing features in a compact subwoofer that is as great as any high-end subwoofer model.

SVS 3000 Micro Specification

The SVS 3000 micro sub has a lot of unique specifications that give a room-shaking audio experience.

DESIGN: Floor standing subwoofer that comes with4  rubber feet
CONSTRUCTION: A sleek black body with non-removable, attached grills
ENCLOSURE: Sealed, dual oppose driver enclosure
AMPLIFIER: RMS 800, 2500 watts power
DRIVE: Dual driver, 2 12 inch
VOICE COIL:4 layers, all copper voice coil
FREQUENCY: 23 Hz to 240 Hz
SPECIAL FEATURES: Intelligent control interface (ICI), high-quality black piano finish, reinforced MDS cabinet
WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth connectivity
WEIGHT: 10.2 kg
DIMENSIONS: 15.75 x 15.75 x 14.17 inches
  • The SVS 3000 micro sub is very compact yet has high quality and room-shaking audio output. The audio and the bass quality can be compared to the quality of any high-end, reputed brand.
  • The SVS micro sub is easy to install and very user-friendly. Even if you are an absolute newbie with audio systems and subwoofers, you can easily install and use the SVS sub.
  • The SVS 3000 can be placed anywhere you wish. It is highly flexible, and you have all the control over the placement and installation according to your preference.
  • The SVS 3000 sub looks very stylish and sleek. It is perfect for someone who wants a good quality speaker system that also looks nice.
  • The SVS 3000 is definitely on the pricier side. It costs around $899, but the features and the bass quality you get are totally worth every single dollar you spend on it.
  • The SVS 3000 sub comes with an app through which you can control the device. The App is a little complicated to use, and you need to spend some time to get the hang of it.
  • The sleek look of the SVS sub requires a little more care while handling it. Since it is very sleek and shiny, it might be slippery. So we need to handle it with a little care.

SVS 3000 Micro ratings

9.8out of 10

Sound Quality10
Volume Control9.6
Quality Of Material10
Value for Money9.6

SVS 3000 Micro Features

Design and Build:

SVS 3000 Micro

The SVS sub is a compact, sleek subwoofer that performs really well. And while the 3000 Micro isn’t a radical departure for the company, its design is very different from previous models in terms of looks.

Obviously, the 3000 Micro is tiny, at least in terms of the subwoofer. It measures 10.9″ x 11.7″ x 10.7″. Instead of the single front-mounted speaker found on other SVS subwoofers like the SB-1000 Pro, you get two 8-inch speakers mounted on the side and covered with a grid. We’ll talk later about the technology that makes these speakers work, but the looks are striking.

Many brands tried their luck on compact subwoofers with good audio quality and failed miserably. With the SVS 3000 sub, the brand has managed to provide a tiny sub with all the important and necessary specifications and technology within $899, which is impressive. You can find a few other SVS mini-subwoofers that provide high-quality audio output, but the price is relatively higher.

The SVS 3000 subwoofer doesn’t come in any other variants or colors as of now. It only has a glossy black finish called “Piano Glass black.” It is crucial to handle it with care, as we have already discussed. The glossy texture quickly leaves thumb impressions, and it might be a task to clean it.

Features and Connectivity:

Sledge STA-800D Amplifier

The Sledge STA-800D2M amplifier achieves a daunting 800 watts RMS and over 2500 watts peak power, which combines discrete MOSFET components with Class D efficiency and the power of processing of an Analog Devices DSP. The 3000 Micro subwoofer amplifier effortlessly produces high levels without clipping or dips.

SVS 3000 Micro Features

Rear Panel Intelligence

The subwoofer is rear-mounted with Intelligent Control Interface (ICI), an extremely user-friendly panel display. It provides control options for the most critical functions of a subwoofer. Adjustments can be made for volume based on listening preferences and content to achieve better bass response and a fairer balance.

Other features of the Intelligent Control Interface (ICI) are:

  • Low-pass filter frequency adjustment to ensure smooth sonic transitions and seamless crossover with your speakers.
  • Phase control adjustment allows you to shift the timing of subwoofer output and line it up with your main speakers or additional subwoofers.

Sound Performance:

The SVS 3000 sub comes with not just one but two 8′ drives that are attached to each side of the cabinet with a small frame. It is designed in such a way to provide great audio quality in a small and compact sub. This will be a perfect choice for those who are looking for a compact yet powerful studio subwoofer.

Usually, smaller subwoofers tend to vibrate and bounce if the volume is kept high. Unlike other small subwoofers, the SVS 3000 does not vibrate or jump even when the volume is kept at the maximum level. 

The SVS brand has done R&D (research and development) in such a way the two divers that the sub have moved together and balanced it out. Isn’t it amazing? The SVS sub provides good quality sound and makes sure the device does not vibrate.

The SVS brand also makes sure to use the amplifier of the compact SVS 3000 subwoofer as its origin to the amplifier they use in the high-end models as well, which means we have a great quality amplifier that makes the device extremely durable.

I don’t mean to say that this is the best subwoofer ever. There are a lot of high-end bigger subwoofers that work better than this. But considering the size, performance, and the price you get it for, this is a great subwoofer without any doubt.

The SVS micro comes with an app compatible with both Android and iOS. The app allows you to have full control over the sub. The app has almost all the features that are required. But for a newbie, it is a little difficult to get used to it. It has too many details for a newbie to understand. Other than that, there are no complaints.

SVS 3000 Micro vs SVS SB-3000

SVS 3000 Micro vs SVS SB-3000

The SVS 3000 micro is often compared to the SVS SB-3000. The main reason why they are compared is that they belong to the same brand, and they are released consecutively with a lesser time interval between them.

The SVS SB-3000 is equally good as the SVS 3000 micro. In my opinion, the only difference that I find is that the micro is smaller and more affordable compared to the SVS SB3000. When the SVS SB3000 was launched, people went crazy and thought this was one of the brand’s best products. And then came the SVS 3000 micro, which definitely made them change their opinion.

The quality of both the products is almost the same, and if I had to suggest any one of them, I would say go for the SVS micro. Not just for the price but also for the sound quality it provides.


The SVS 3000 micro is one of the first products of the brand that came with two drivers attached to each side of the cabinet. Also, the 3000 sub was one of the affordable yet good quality sub of the entire range of products that the brand offers.

The SVS 3000 micro is designed in such a way that it looks stylish and is the best fit for modern homes. So if you are keen on buying a beautiful, sleek product, the SVS 3000 sub is the perfect fit for you.

If you are keen on bass or sound systems in general, the SVS 3000 micro would be a great add-on to your home theatre sound system. It is not just powerful but also sturdy, highly durable, and affordable compared to other subs with the same specs and features as this one.

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