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Polk Audio HTS 10

Polk Audio HTS 10

Today you’ll come to know a powerful subwoofer, the Polk HTS 10, that will add an enhanced bass to your home theatre system. This subwoofer produces a deep hard-hitting bass that regular speakers can’t. 

The specs to pay attention – the 100W continuous and 200 W peak power, the Class D amplification, and dynamically balanced and well-optimized 10” driver inside the vented bass-reflex enclosure, and ample easy-accessible physical controls.

The measurement of a sub doesn’t help much in achieving life-like sound quality, but these variables do. The specification list, pros, and cons will help you in selection but again they can’t clarify the things like – whether it is best for you or not.

Likewise, the specs and features of Polk HTS 10 deliver a ground-shaking performance inside a mid or small-sized room, but the performance couldn’t remain the same as impressive in a huge hall or living room.

That doesn’t mean the subwoofer is less efficient than others. I’m just asking you to choose as per the amount of bass or volume you want for home entertainment purposes.

The Polk HTS 10 subwoofer delivers focused sound instead of spreading the sound widely. That’s why; you have to try different placements to see where it sounds the best. Now let’s take a look at what the best things are inside the gorgeous-looking subwoofer.

Polk Audio HTS 10 Specification

ENCLOSURE TYPE: Vented Power Port Bass-Reflex Enclosure
AMPLIFIER: Class-D Amplification
DRIVERS:10″ Long Throw Polypropylene Front-Firing Single Driver, optimized with Dynamic Balance, Klippel, and power Port Technology
PORTS: Single Down-Firing Port
CONNECTIVITY: Stereo RCA Input, RCA Input (LFE), 3.5 mm Input (Control)
DIMENSIONS: 37.8 lb / 17.1 kg
  • Attractive design with the solid build quality.
  • It has universal ports, making it compatible with most home theater systems.
  • Various user-friendly built-in controls, including sound output adjustment options; that other subwoofers mostly lack.
  • Floor firing power port technology ensures reduced port noise and distortion-free deep bass response.
  • Handle high volume without distorting the audio or including port noise.
  • Universal ports make it compatible with most audio systems. 
  • Suitable for a small to medium-sized room.
  • Slightly higher priced than the similar 10” subwoofers.

Polk Audio HTS 10 review

9.4out of 10

Sound Quality9.4
Bass Quality9.8
Value for Money8.8

Polk Audio HTS 10 Features

Design and Build

The brand Polk Audio has put much effort into designing their HTS series subwoofers. In terms of size, the Polk HTS series comes as a 10-inch subwoofer or a 12-inch subwoofer. The HTS series subwoofers look way above their pay grade, whereas the rest in this price range keep the aesthetic minimal and easy to maintain.

The horizontal cabinet eases the room placement as well as increases the acoustics. The non-resonant Medite MDF construction of the cabinet with minimal thick baffles and extra bracing ensures natural sound. The acoustically designed vented enclosure secures less audible coloration by reducing unwanted internal standing waves.

The retro-futuristic design looks good with most home decor but doesn’t blend into the furniture. Alongside the quality crafted cabinet design, the curved edges are another good example of intelligence and careful engineering.

The Polk Audio HTS 10 subwoofers are available in two colors – classic brown walnut finish and black washed walnut finish. In the next section, we’ll look at what it has inside this powerful look.

Polk Audio HTS 10

Features and Connectivity

Some tech-savvy people don’t care about the appearance of an electronic device; they just bother about how advanced features the device is offering in which price range. They compared the price points, features, and specifications with every competitor, from the root level models to advanced rests.

But I prefer both. I consider a music system as a part of home decor. After checking out the appearance, I look for the specs and features, connectivity options, and how easy the device is to operate.

Complete Controls

This is probably where the Polk HTS 10 subwoofer clearly bolds out the competitors. The subwoofer is equipped with ample physical controls for all important variables, such as – low pass filter (30 to 120 Hz), volume and phase (0 / 180 degree) for clear-cut optimum bass levels, power toggle button for easy on/off the system, including Auto on/off or DC control (12V trigger) for fast switching in the subwoofer and other home theater equipment and easy on/off the power. These controls are placed on the back panel in easy-to-access places.

Polk Audio HTS 10 - Controls

Patented Power Port Technology

I’ve already mentioned that you can expect deep and extended bass sound from the Polk HTS 10 subwoofer, the power port floor-firing design is behind the all. It smoothly moves the airflow from the speaker to the listening area, which minimizes turbulence and port noise. The Power Port technology-equipped subwoofers generally have 3dB less port noise than others at the port tuning frequency.

Polk Audio HTS 10 - Patented Power Port Technology

Advanced Drivers and Amplifier

The dynamically balanced, Klippel optimized 10” front-firing driver eliminates all sorts of distortion and ensures relatively crisp and clean bass, better linearity, and durability.

The long-throw driver-focused sound focuses the sound energy in a tighter pattern. The 200W Class D amplifier is also there to enhance the bass impact as well as help you make the volume loud as you want to rock a house party.

Universal Compatibility

Unfortunately, the Polk HTS 10 doesn’t offer any wireless connection options. So, connecting it with other devices through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is not possible. This shortcoming may irk you, as many subwoofers support hassle-free wireless connectivity.

In my opinion, it offers enough worthwhile features and connectivity options. You’ll get RCA stereo line-level input and a pair of old-school but reliable RCA LFE input ports.

Polk Audio HTS 10 - Compatibility

Such wired connectivity options are much more reliable in terms of providing uninterruptible service. Keep in mind that the low pass filter option will remain disabled; when you pair this subwoofer with others music systems through the RCA LFE inputs.

Sound Performance

The Polk HTS 10 subwoofer offers transparent, tight, and focused sound with a deep bass response, which is perfect for home theaters and music systems. The 100 Watt built-in class-D amplifier, which could go high up to 200W at peak point, provides ample volume to shake the floor and wall of a mid-sized room.

The frequency range is also impressive; that focuses on a relatively lower frequency from 25 Hz to 180 Hz ceiling. A single subwoofer can’t be able to give you an ultimate theater-like experience at home. It could create a gaping hole between the frequencies, as well.

You have to add a minimum of a second subwoofer or a new set of ATMOS surround speakers to feel the core-pounding impact of your favorite films or music. The speakers will focus on the low mids, mids, and highs, whereas the Polk HTS 10 will dedicatedly highlight every beat of the bass sound.

Polk HTS 10 vs. Polk HTS 12

Polk HTS 10 vs. Polk HTS 12

The subwoofers of the Polk HTS series, specifically the model no – Polk Audio HTS 10 and Polk HTS Audio 12 are cut above the competitors in terms of their great aesthetic and value for money feature sets, and immersive sound performance. They both sound similar and even share near-identical features and specs, except for driver size and price points.

The Polk HTS 10 is cheaper, lighter, and more compact than its bigger brother, the HTS 12. The HTS 12 has a 12” driver, whereas the HTS 10 contains a 10” driver, suitable for small and mid-sized rooms.

If you want something powerful for your large room, the Polk Audio HTS 12-powered subwoofer will be a clear winner by a broad margin. On the other hand, the sound performance of the Polk HTS 10 sub will be more than sufficient in a study room or bedroom; when you pair it with the main speakers.

In summary, both subs will value your investment; if you choose the perfect one based on your room size and personal sound preference.


If you want a compact and good-looking subwoofer with high-end audio quality within a shoe-string budget, the Polk HTS 10 subwoofer might be the right option for you. It comes with around a $400 price tag, including all sets of advanced features. 

I picked up the Polk HTS 10; when I switched from an 8” driver-based sub. This was such a massive improvement over the subwoofer. The Polk HTS 10 subwoofer makes me immerse myself in the music and movies every time. I installed the music system in my living room, where I spend most of the time.  

Its’ 10” driver absolutely works fine for small to mid-sized rooms. Hence, my advice is not to overspend for higher wattage or bigger drivers, though it’s a personal consideration.

It’s true that HTS 10 is my buddy, but I tried my best to keep this Polk Audio HTS 10 review article honest, like others. Thank you for reading till the end. If you find this article interesting, you could check my other review articles on subwoofers.

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