L.A natives and good friends ‘The Cabin Fever’ have unleashed a tantalising new track entitled ‘The Brown Bunny’ and it’s slightly voyeuristic accompanying video to the masses marking a new phase (it seems) in the bands development. Following on from January 2018’s ‘Exercise The Demon’ EP this new track feels different although we’re still trudging through deliciously melancholic and darkly imaginative soundscapes previously explored on the aforementioned EP, the musicianship on this single has tightened up and there’s a surreal calmness surrounding the sound that we really like.

As usual, Joel Bedolla, Tripp Beam and Jon Joseph have supplied their collective instrumental talents to bring guru Sean Moriarty’s sonic expressiveness to life and the video was shot “inside the famed Sunset Sound studio in Los Angeles with the purpose of bringing the viewer, as a close observer, into the experience of recording and playing this song”. Bill Mims took care of the audio engineering with D.P. & cinematographer Nate Klein capturing the visuals, and Kevin Strick tied it all together directing and editing the film.

‘The Brown Bunny’ is out now and you can still get your hands on  ‘Exercise The Demon’ on various formats via thecabinfever.bandcamp.com