Fuzz Club Records mainstays and Berlin via Manchester based dark psych/post-punk outfit The Underground Youth have unleashed the first single entitled ‘Alice’ and it’s gritty accompanying video from their highly anticipated eight studio album brilliantly titled ‘What Kind Of Dystopian Hellhole Is This?’. The album is penned in for a February 15th launch date with various formats officially going up for pre-order this week via www.fuzzclub.com They have also announced a European tour to celebrate it’s release starting in January and you can check out their full tour schedule by heading over to facebook.com/TheUndergroundYouth.

‘Alice’ surges with dark sullen energy as it’s melodious fuzzy bass frequencies weave & bob in and out of those highly infectious lead guitar lines. Subdued metronomic percussion and hauntingly good synth swells add tons of atmosphere as Craig Dyer’s vocalisations hold court, keeping you transfixed on his impressive gothic tone.