Shimmering Leeds based psych-gazers ‘Jellyskin’ have unleashed their immense fifth track entitled ‘Only Rain (Flows To Beach)’ and it’s accompanying video to the masses. Formed in 2016, ‘Jellyskin’ are made up of Will, Zia & Olly and they exploded onto the underground psych/gaze scene last year with a splattering of singles including the impressive ‘Grey Glass Hat’, the fantastic ‘Milk Of Magnesia’, ‘She Sung Oceans’ & the blistering ‘Eater’ which collectively brought them to the attention of the underground psych/gaze faithful. They have embarked on a mini-tour until mid-June playing: Unfest at The Forum (Tunbridge Wells), Headrow House (Leeds), Night and Day Café (Manchester), The Washington (Sheffield) and Temple of Boom (Leeds). They will also have copies of their debut EP, their first physical release at all of the aforementioned live shows. Get out and see them live if you can!

‘Only Rain (Flows To Beach)’ floats effortlessly on glorious waves of simmering synth coupled with tumbling tremulous guitar progressions as metronomic sequenced percussion pulses on effervescent frequencies carefully enveloping that fragile vocal track. At predesignated points along its meandering course it morphs and twists brilliantly into a noisy & turbulent psych induced behemoth before snaking back into a beautifully entrancing piece of music.