Formed in 2013 between Bologna & Florence, noisy Dosso Del Liri based alt-gazers ‘Human Colonies’ have just unleashed the stunning lead single entitled ‘Big Domino Vortex’ (and it’s brilliant accompanying video), lifted from their forthcoming seven track debut EP of the same name penned in for release on 23rd January 2016 via MiaCameretta Records & Lady Sometimes Records respectively. Their sound languishes around the fuzzier end of the shoegaze spectrum with driving 90’s alternative rock tendencies deftly underscored by melodious swathes of layered reverberation and punchy vocalisations. The band are made up of Giuseppe Mazzoni – vocals/guitar, Sara Telesca – bass & Claudio Palo – drums and ‘Big Domino Vortex’ follows on from 2015’s seven track release ‘Calvary’.

‘Big Domino Vortex’ lurches into earshot on a wave of swirling feedback before exploding into the ether on a bedrock of driving percussion and melodious, throbbing bass frequencies. It’s verse progressions swoon as those up front vocal lines ride a fuzzy sonic tidal wave before we’re treated to those explosive chorus parts and it’s luscious lead lines. Punchy, smooth and to the point ‘Big Domino Vortex’ only whets the appetite for what’s to come on the full EP!