Austin based shoegaze/alt rock four piece ‘Honeyrude’ have unleashed the first single, a one song teaser entitled ‘Roger McClain’ and it’s brilliant accompanying video from their forthcoming full EP that’s penned in for release sometime in the spring via Shifting Sounds. The band are made up of Ian Lund – guitar, Billy Kunath – bass, Paul Goetz – drums & Jess Ledbetter – guitar/vocals and what they collectively create are melodious soundscapes filled with mesmerising lead licks, uplifting hooks and glorious vocalisations that deftly skip through jangling shoegaze & brilliantly executed rock ‘n’ roll whilst being marvellously steeped in 90’s sounding nostalgia.

The band reference My Bloody Valentine, The Verve, Failure, Medicine, Teenage Fanclub & Swervedriver as major influences on their overall sound so what’s not to like?

We’ll be keeping our well tuned ear’s out for these guys throughout 2017.