Berlin natives ‘Highest Sea’ have unleashed a vividly brilliant new video to accompany the lead single entitled ‘Wait For The Night’ lifted from their debut EP ‘Haunted Hearts’ penned in for release on February 24th 2017 via the Berlin based independent record label ‘Späti Palace’. For those of you who are new to the sounds of ‘Highest Sea’, they burst onto the scene back in 2015 with a three track self-released demo filled with dreamy, psych induced soundscapes layered with sublime, melancholically delicious vocalisations courtesy of the fantastic Leila Zanzibar.

‘Wait For The Night’ is a dark stalking beast that undulates and pulses through layered reverberations and sonically astute psychedelic vibrations. It builds through it’s verse progressions with visceral aplomb, shuddering deftly on a wave of tremulous repetitious guitars and steadying percussion all underscored by cascading bass frequencies and beautifully addictive vocal lines before effortlessly exploding into it’s chorus parts and on into a turbulent maelstrom of beautiful noise. This is a sublime track and it bodes well for the full forthcoming debut EP release.