German based Leila Zanzibar aka ‘Highest Sea’ has unleashed a brand new video to accompany one of our favourite tracks from her fantastically dreamy four track EP ‘Haunted Hearts’, released back in February 2017 via the Berlin based independent record label Späti Palace. The track in question is called ‘Hawaii’ and it’s a dreamy, jangling affair with subtle psychedelic connotations that swirl around Leila’s addictive vocal tones brilliantly. Collectively ‘Highest Sea’ create a melting pot of different sounds all lifted from a variety of superb music genre’s such as post-punk, the guitar driven stirrings of alternative rock and the churning hum of dream-pop; all mixed together to create a kind of low key form of shoegaze.

The original track was performed by Leila Zanzibar & Timothée Demoury with video production duties falling to Hayung von Oepen, Anja Klause and Leila ZanzibarTamar Weiss, Theo Taylor and Leila also appear in it’s accompanying video.

‘Haunted Hearts’ EP is available to buy/download right now from