Danish based experimental lo-fi aficionado Jacob Faurholt aka ‘Crystal Shipsss’ has been releasing lo-fi home recordings, 90’s inspired indie rock and ambient drone metal under both his own name and his alias ‘Crystal Shipsss’ for almost 10 years. His latest album, under the ‘Crystal Shipsss’ moniker, entitled ‘Holly’ was released back in May 2016 and features bubblegum pop intertwined with dreamy lo-fi progressions, heavy psych and noisy instrumental outbursts. ‘World’ is the latest single & accompanying video to be lifted from the aforementioned album.

‘World’ ambles into the ether on a repetitious percussive pattern underscored by soaring layered synth swells, throbbing bass frequencies and Jacob Faurholt’s dulcet tones. The message held within this track is perfectly clear; we’re all doomed and ‘Crystal Shipss’ have been gifted with the mantle of chief naysayer – It’s A Burning World!




crystalshipsss.bandcamp.com (vinyls & cassettes)