When South American-based boyfriend/girlfriend duo of Sofía Aguerre and Leandro Rebellato aka ‘Las Cobras’ popped up on our sonic radar last year they instantly became firm favourites of ours. Their heady concoction of swirling, hypnotically charged  krautrock, porto-punk, subtle shoegaze and hazy sun kissed rock n’ roll helped us to immerse ourselves into their brand of Latin American psych and in turn firmly established them into the modern day fuzz fuelled psych firmament. Their debut album ‘Temporal’ had it’s official release via the ever brilliant London-based ‘Fuzz Club Records’ way back in May 2017 and became an instant fan favourite, ended the year on a plethora of year end lists and catapulted them into one of modern psych’s most exciting new bands.

To celebrate Fuzz Club Records repressing their debut album ‘Temporal’ for a second run, ‘Las Cobras’ have unveiled a beautiful new video for ‘Al Más Allá’ (translating from Spanish to ‘the afterlife’). There’s a tinge of garage psych streaming through the inner core of this track that is quite alluring but it’s the pull of traditional percussion, jangling guitars and droning synth enveloping a magnificent vocal line drenched in glorious reverberation that peaks our attention. The video for ‘Al Más Allá’ is sublime and was created by the band themselves in Cabo Polonio, a tiny fishing village on the east coast of Uruguay that still has no electricity, confronting the passage of time and evolution. ‘Temporal’ is available to pre-order on lovely vinyl once more via fuzzclub.com and digitally over at fuzzclub.bandcamp.com