Sicilian based multi-instrumentalist Gioele Valenti aka ‘JuJu’ has unleashed a mesmerising new video to accompany the latest track to be lifted from his totally immersive sophomore long player ‘Our Mother Was A Plant’, officially released back in September 2017. The track in question is called ‘In A Ghetto’ and it features a mind-bending hypnotic percussive assault courtesy of guest percussionist ‘Capra Informis’, the djembe player of Swedish psych-rock aficionados ‘Goat’. For those of you new to the psychedelic sounds of ‘JuJu’, he melds together a heady cocktail of experimental psych and kraut-rock with afro-beat and luscious funk thus creating an altogether immersive sonic experience. ‘Our Mother Was A Plant’ ended up on our ‘best of 2017’  list with the album being classified as a game changer within the underground psych scene. It was released back in September 2017 and is available to buy/download on various formats via the London based purveyors of all things psych – Fuzz Club Records.