Gdansk-based psychedelic explorers ‘Alien Lizard’ have announced the latest single and it’s accompanying video to be lifted from their forthcoming nine track long player ‘Pure Kafka’, penned in for release on February 23rd 2018. ‘A Brave New Ad’  follows quickly on from the stunning ‘Heaven Takes The Moon’ and it continues on with the bands brand of writing no-nonsense psychedelic incantations filled to the brim with squally lysergic tinged reverberations, fizzing electronics and droning instrumentation all teetering brilliantly on top of shaking percussion and deep penetrative bass progressions. We’re really excited for the ‘Pure Kafka’ release and this latest track is a serious recommendation from us lot here at Primal Music. In the meantime, fall headlong into the swirling psychedelic sounds of ‘Alien Lizard’.

‘Pure Kafka’ gets it’s official release on the 23rd of February with pre-orders now available via