Birmingham-based hazy post-gaze quartet ‘Velvet Tides’ have just unleashed their impressive debut single entitled ‘Into Light’ to the music masses. Formed back in 2018, this promising band meld subtle alternative led shoegaze sensibilities with the wistful ambient tinged swirls of dream-pop and an overriding pulse of post-punk to good effect, instilling instant instrumental reminisces of ‘For Against, Slowdive, The Swirlies & early Starflyer 59’. The band are made up of Luke Marvin – guitar/vocals, Josh Hale – bass, Caleb Keenan – lead guitar & Brandon Moss – drums.

‘Into Light’ merges out of a reverberating sonic fog as swirling guitars and the twinkle of golden melody merge into one sonic pulse. Beautiful lines of hazy vocalisations stream into view, hovering blissfully on the hum of bass, all collectively strapped to that driving percussive assault and peppered by intricate lines of lead guitar. We’re pulled along with the track from the off until that sublime break used us out into the ether and we fall headlong into a magnificent track finale. Wonderfully constructed and deeply entrancing, ‘Velvet Tides’ are a breath of fresh air.

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With a busy year of recording ahead, we can’t wait to hear what comes next!