Seattle-based dream-gazer Todavía aka self-releasing multi instrumentalist Rhyan Riesgo has just released the stunning first single entitled ‘Sin Iris’ from the soon to be named new EP, penned in for release in early summer 2018. Following on from 2017’s stunning full length album ‘Shyness’  (which earned Todavía a coveted spot on our best of 2017 year end tally) Rhyan moved lock, stock and barrel from Los Angeles to Seattle and we reckon this move has only solidified the outfits overall sound. Distinctly dreamy, with hushed synth swells, sequenced percussion, swirling guitars and shimmering reverberation all circumnavigating that almost ethereal vocal tone, Todavía is a sonic force to be reckoned with again this year.

In a swirling wash of melodic synth the breathtaking ‘Sin Iris’ floats into the sonic ether effortlessly. Twinkling sequenced percussion arrives on a whim throbbing wonderfully on top of deep booming bass frequencies as those angelic vocalisations, completely enveloped in luscious reverberation, wash over this listener. Melodically brilliant, this track lifts when required and dips into deep cavernous pools of echoing effects with ease. ‘Sin Iris’ is absolutely stunning and this in turn only bodes well for the forthcoming full release.

‘Sin Iris’ is available to buy/download right now via