Sheffield’s finest indie-gazers ‘The Suncharms’ unleash their long awaited new single ‘Red Dust’ to the masses on September 21st 2018 via Californian-based independent record label ‘Slumberland Records’. Originally founded back in 1989, ‘The Suncharms’ skirted some of the most influential music genres of that time such as indie-pop, shoegaze and C86, dipping their experimental toes into each one to mould and sculpt a sound all of their own. Having shared the stage with some notable bands like The Brilliant Corners, St Christopher, The Orchids and The Television Personalities, the band unleashed a demo tape in 1991 that secured themselves a place within the early nineties shoegaze firmament. ‘The Suncharms’ went on to release their first EP in 1991 that reached No.23 in the UK indie charts.

In November 1991 the bands stunning second EP entitled ‘Tranquil Day’ was released, followed in 1992 by a stint in the Peel Sessions studios which highlighted their ability to manufacture melodically catchy soundscapes that transferred brilliantly to a live stage scenario. Unfortunately, as is the way, the trials of modern life took control of the band pulling them in different directions hampering songwriting/recording until eventually they played their last gig in 1993. Fast forward to 2016 and the release of a retrospective compilation of the two EP’s plus assorted demos through ‘Cloudberry Records’ /‘ Wilde Club Records’ and with the buzz surrounding them increasing rapidly the band played their first gig since 1993, opening for The Orchids and The Chesterfields. This in turn led to a stint in the studio working on tracks leading to this highly anticipated brand new release.

‘Red Dust’ hovers in a kind of cinematic haze before opening up into mesmerisingly melodic swirl of sound. Rattling percussion keeps a steady beat as those jangling guitars twinkle and shine in amongst cascading lines of bass and that instantly recognisable vocal. ‘Red Dust’ is impressive and a solid return to form by a band who are relevant now more than ever.

‘Red Dust’ b/w ‘Film Soundtrack’ gets it’s official release on September 21st 2018 and is available to pre-order right now on various formats including lovely 7′ vinyl through

2016’s retrospective compilation of the two EP’s plus assorted demos is available to buy/download right now via