Ecuadorian dream-gazers ‘Sexores’ have released the first single entitled ‘Bluish Lovers’ from their highly anticipated third album ‘East/West’. The album gets its full release on Vinyl & CD via the Latin American based independent record label ‘Buh Records’ on March 15th 2018 with digital distribution being handled through ‘Recoop’, a brand new Ecuadorian based record label and production company. This time around ‘Sexores’ have experimented with different sounds to meld their traditional shoegaze/dream-pop values with a more modern twist by injecting synths and electronic futurism into eight dreamy tracks to create something sonically fantastic.

‘Bluish Lovers’ swirls and bounces on layers of bright shimmering synth as sequenced percussion pulses underfoot championing dark humming bass lines and captivating vocalisations that wrap themselves effortlessly around cascading electronics drenched in swathes of luscious reverberation. Majestic in its flow, highly infectious and mesmerising in its entirety, ‘Bluish Lovers’ is a triumph and this in turn only bodes well for the entire album.