Leeds based but New Zealand born lo-fi synth-gaze musician Maeve Munro a.k.a Young Hellions released a brand new double A-side single on September 23rd via Leeds based independent record label MUZAI Records, with the lead track entitled Fractures and Cacophony currently blasting through our speakers. With a sound that deftly twists through layers of stunning reverberation coupled with melodious dream like vocal progressions and senses pummelling wall of sound instrumentation, Young Hellions has a firm grip on a plethora of musical stylings that includes shoegaze, dreampop, lo-fi & synth-pop.

‘Fractures and Cacophony’ explodes into a maelstrom of fuzz, synth swells & repetitious percussion from the off, before its glorious vocal lines hazily float into ear shot. They cut through the frequency laden battle lines with ease, bringing clarity and blissful serenity to the piece as all around them wade neck deep in swirling reverberation.