Dreamy Alaskan slowcore trio ‘A Thousand Hours’ have released a stunning debut single entitled ‘The Desolate Hours’ to the masses, highlighting their forthcoming full EP penned in for release this February or early March 2017. Their collective sound swirls brilliantly through almost ethereal sonic projections underscored by fleeting waves of shoegaze inspired instrumentation. The band are made up of Red Collier – vocals/guitar, Demi Haynes – vocals/guitar/bass & Albert Gresens – guitar/bass and ‘The Desolate Hours’ single is available to buy/download right now from onethousandhours.bandcamp.com

‘The Desolate Hours’ is centred around a repetitive guitar line, spinning through layers of reverberation, followed in close proximity by sparse percussion and the graceful hum of bass frequencies. The vocals float effortlessly along held fast in a kind of sonic gravitational pull with the instrumentation and brilliantly echoed at times by hauntingly good backing lines. Deeply melancholic and highly infectious it only bodes well for the full EP release going forward.