Brisbane based grungy shoegaze trio ‘Tall Pines’ have unleashed a brand new single entitled ‘Munchausen’, the follow up to their very impressive 2016 debut single release ‘The Day Is Gone’. The bands sound skips gracefully between quiet melodic passages & dark heavy swathes of reverberating doom dragging a plethora of music genres with it as it meanders through sonic peaks and troughs at will! ‘Munchausen’ is available to buy/download right now with two b-sides from:

‘Munchausen’ opens up swirling deftly in a flurry of dream pop inspired vocal tones and sequenced percussive patterns as it’s noisy guitars are toned back to a sullen hook laden growl. The track floats effortlessly along its predestined route but there’s an undercurrent of dark malice lingering around those beautiful vocal tones that interests me the most! It’s not long before the track shakes loose it’s dream pop hue and explodes into a maelstrom of thunderous drums, throbbing bass frequencies and angry reverberating guitar noise thus underling just how good ‘Tall Pines’ actually are.