Canadian based shoegaze legends SIANspheric have announced a brand new single entitled ‘I Have It’, lifted off their forthcoming album ‘Writing The Future in Letters Of Fire’, their first LP since 2001’s ‘The Sound of the Colour of the Sun’.  SIANspheric have also announced that their stunning debut album ‘Somnium’ (from 1995) will be released on vinyl for the first time on October 28th. Both albums get their full release on the same day via the brilliant Sonic Unyon Records.

‘I Have It’ enters into earshot on a wave of squealing feedback & scraping guitar squall before we’re introduced to glorious melody fuelled chord progressions and steadying instrumentation that swirls around the hazy vocal line with aplomb. The track weaves in and out of ambient styled percussion free breaks that filled with tremulous guts, throbbing baselines & layered vocal attacks, all steeped in reverberating frequencies.

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