There is a subtle air of the nostalgic swirling around within the meandering jangle led frequencies on Newcastle based ‘Seeing Hands’ latest single ‘It’s True’ that only lends to the current musings within the underground music blogging world that this band lean effortlessly to the past whilst injecting a new twist into the dream-pop/jangle-pop genres of music. In our opinion (however good that is) their immense sound is full of melody, catchy hooks, is vocally impressive and absolutely drenched in layered reverberation to the point of languishing somewhere in-between hazy shoegaze and dreamy frequency fed dream-pop! Closest comparisons today as far as we’re concerned would be the sublime Melbourne based ‘Bloodhounds On My Trail’. Whatever way you look at it, these guys are rather impressive!

‘It’s True’ is available through all of the usual music streaming outlets.