Tasmania based experimental psych/space rock aficionado ‘The Planets Collide’ aka Stephen Dunham has released a follow up single entitled ‘Circles’ to May 2016’s stunning release ‘Wake Me Up When Its Over’. With a sound that deftly traverses the outer reaches of psych rock, melded brilliantly with subtle hypnotically charged rhythmic percussion whilst all the while swirling hazily through motorik driven experimental space rock ‘The Planets Collide’ offer up something completely different and fresh to this modern day experimental/psych/space rock scene. ‘Circles’ is a available to buy/download right now from theplanetscollide.bandcamp.com

‘Circles’ explodes into a cacophony of swirling reverberating frequencies from the off, attacking the senses and dragging you the listener with it as its utterly addictive vocal lines and thunderous sequenced percussive attack jostles within the hazy musical maelstrom. A thoroughly enjoyable sonic thrill ride through layers of growling guitars and brilliantly executed synth lines. Recommended!