Ukraine based ‘On The Wane’ create some serious noise that skips nonchalantly through various music genres comprising of shoegaze, new wave, dark wave and noise rock. The band have just announced a brand new ten track album entitled ‘Schism’ (the follow up to 2015’s ‘Sick’) penned in for release on the 20th November 2017 and it’s lead single, the absolutely mesmerising ‘Human Race’. The band were formed back in 2014 and believe in everything 80’s & 90’s alternative, post-punk, shoegazing, new-wave, no-wave & noise-rock. They are made up of Anna Lyashok – drums/vocals, Daria Maksimova – bass/vocals, Eugene Voitov – guitars/synth & Eli Demyanenko – guitar and the ten track ‘Schism’ is available to pre-order right now via

‘Human Race’ jangles into earshot swirling through layers of deep atmospheric reverberation wrapped around a blistering guitar progression. Sequenced percussion holds a motorik beat underfoot as undulating instrumental drones bellow and move atop throbbing bass frequencies. There are echoes of hard hitting post-punk meandering through these new wave vibes that envelope intense vocalisations with stunning effect. It’s explosive chorus passages inject subtle moments of noisy shoegaze making ‘Human Race’ an utterly addictive listen.