The untimely death of singer/guitarist Tom Nights from the fantastic Brighton based ‘Lunar Quiet’ has prompted the band to release a beautiful single entitled ‘Cold Spell’ to the masses via Hidden Bay Records. This single is the bands last ever recording as a four piece and is a fitting send off to the undoubtedly immense talent that Tom possessed. The cassette version of this single comes with a 32 page zine plus photos and art. The band are also playing a Memorial Gig to Tom on the 14th of December at Green Door Store with a very limited number (20) cassettes & posters to buy on the night.

‘Cold Spell’ swoons effortlessly on a blissful wave of jangling guitars and subtle atmospherics before opening up into a noisy maelstrom of fuzzy layered shoegaze coupled with stunning vocalisations, throbbing bass frequencies and thunderous percussion.


All proceeds from the sale of this single are going to charity and you can head over to to buy/download your own copy right now.

R.I.P Tom Knights.