Writing and recording music over the internet is a modern phenomena that has helped the development of todays worldwide underground music scene and in turn has brought some very important musicians together to create some stunning musical soundscapes. I for one am a firm advocate of this method of music production and I personally feel that its aiding in the resurgence of many of the smaller untapped music genres swirling around within the underground scene. Ambient/post-rock/electronic duo ‘In Light Of’ have self-released their debut single entitled ‘Bless Your Heart’, lifted off their forthcoming debut EP entitled ‘Little Treasures’, whilst living in different cities altogether. In their own words – “Jason hired Sandy to join his music licensing company. Starting as colleagues they quickly bonded over a shared appetite for the kind of boundless sonic exploration found in post-rock (and the like) songwriting. But it wasn’t until Sandy moved five hours away that a musical project was first discussed”.

What they have collectively created though, is a magnificently atmospheric slice of post-rock that is delectably infused with stunning reverberation & underscored with beautifully ambient textures that effortlessly build and surge into a raging cacophony of beautiful noise. God bless the power of the internet!