Melbourne based noisy shoegaze quartet ‘Laedj.’ have unleashed their debut single entitled ‘Pacific’ lifted off their forthcoming debut EP penned in for release over the coming months. The band include members of other Melbourne based bands such as ‘Inventions, Yachtburner, Breve, Singing For Humans’ & ‘Hotel on Mayfair’ and their sound is distinctly fuzzy with shimmering shoegaze connotations underscored at times by soaring dream pop flair. ‘Pacific’ is available to buy/download right now from

‘Pacific’ shimmers into earshot on a wave of jangling guitars swimming in blissed out reverberation. It’s percussive swagger is slow and ambling as it metronomically keeps time circumnavigated by throbbing bass frequencies and beautifully intense vocalisations. Explosive through it’s chorus progressions and peppered here and there with subtle psych rock tones ‘Laedj.’ are a very interesting prospect indeed.