Long term percussionist of the ‘Brian Jonestown Massacre’, singer songwriter & modern day psych rock pioneer ‘Joel Gion’ has announced the first single entitled ‘Tomorrow’ to be lifted from his forthcoming sophomore album, penned in for release in early spring 2017. The single is firmly centred around the social and economic turmoil harassing his home country in which Joel himself says “nobody in the free-thinking world have ever dreamed things would wind up going this far south in the end”. The forthcoming album was recorded at different stages during the recent BJM world our and features band members, friends and fellow musicians from the underground scene. You can get your hands on ‘Tomorrow’ right now via the usual online outlets and over on bandcamp – Joelgion.bandcamp.com

‘Tomorrow’ is a riotous affair with psych indentations swirling effortlessly in the monolithic instrumentation. Jangling guitars and throbbing bass frequencies shake & shimmy as pounding drums and catchy chorus hooks drag you with them along a simmering sonic thrill ride accompanied by the laid back vocalisations of Joel Gion.