Brooklyn based duo ‘Hanford Reach’   have unleashed a stunning brand new single entitled ‘Caught My Mind’ and have injected some new sounds into their already immense melting pot of sonic awareness. The band are made up of Chris Sherman – guitar/vocals/drums/synths & Leah Cinnamon – bass/vocals and their collective sound has developed exponentially over the course of their previous three releases to emerge anew on this latest single release as a explosively punchy, hook laden and jazz infused gem with hazy synths and swirling shoegaze tendencies all enveloped in a warm & fuzzy blanket of psych-pop loveliness. The single gets its official release on the 10th November 2017 and is available to pre-order right now via

‘Caught My Mind’ explodes into the sonic ether spinning wildly in a pulsating rhythmic percussive assault deftly permeated by throbbing lines of bass and hazy walls of synth. It’s lead guitar lines are utterly addictive and streamlined at times to follow an impressive vocal performance which meanders in and out of seductively melodic, acid tinged production with huge psych-pop sensibilities. It’s a wonderful return to form by band who can do no wrong.