Hailing from Southern Ireland, ‘The Grey Merchant’ have just announced their stunning debut single entitled ‘Spotless (The Protecting Veil)’ , penned in for release on November 8th 2016 via Demeanour Records. ‘The Grey Merchant’ is the collaborative recording project of Cork based Enda O’Flaherty (Neon Atlas) and a collection of friends and fellow musicians. Their sound gravitates towards a mixture of stoner rock & modern day experimental psych & kraut rock with a moody undertone that is steeped in glorious reverberation. With the promise of further singles and an EP to follow in 2017, ‘The Grey Merchant’ are most definitely the ones to watch.

‘Spotless (The Protecting Veil)’ rumbles around a sampled vocal line (courtesy of Charlie Chaplin’s speech from ‘The Great Dictator’) as the track deftly unfurls its edgy side and unleashes a repetitive percussive assault on the senses. Throbbing bass lines and squally droning guitars circumnavigate the entire soundscape as we lurch forward in a distinctly motorik krautrock fashion all the while pulsing stunning frequencies into the atmosphere.

Recommended listening!