Cosenza based new wave/synth-gaze trio ‘Electric Floor’ have unleashed the first single entitled ‘Bluedive’ from their highly anticipated new album ‘Fader’, penned in for release in March 2016 via the ever prolific Italian based independent record label ‘Vipchoyo Sound Factory’. With a sound that echoes the experimental side of post-punk melded together with the darker side of new wave and underpinned by a modern electronic edge ‘Electric Floor’ have the ability to push the sonic envelope with their music. The band were formed in 2009 and are made up of Emanuele Chiarelli – vocals/ guitar, Simone Costantino De Luca – programming/ keys & Fabio Cosentino – bass.

‘Bluedive’ charges into the sonic ether on a bedrock of driving bass frequencies and sequenced percussion as the bleep and whirr of synth squall echoes deep within a bubble of reverberation. It’s vocals are placed meticulously to the fore as all around them swirl in a kind of sonic gravitational pull, looping and arcing through waves of shimmering synth swells and subliminal guitar lines. ‘Bluedive’ is a feast of melodious frequencies that are guaranteed to thrill.