Los Angeles based experimental psych-gazing duo of creator Shawn Michael and producer/guitarist Dino Bose aka ‘Daydream Cathedral’ have released a brand new instrumental track entitled ‘Gazing In Gratitude’, a track they quote as being ‘an instrumental expression of gratitude to those who provide a source of inspiration’. This latest track follows on from their impressive five track EP ‘Ancestors’ released back in January 2016 & their cover track appearances for various record companies since then. ‘Gazing In Gratitude’ is available to buy/download right now from: daydreamcathedral.bandcamp.com

‘Gazing In Gratitude’ explodes into a cacophony of colour as the instantaneously infectious guitar squall magically weaves itself around the hum of underlying synth swells & driving repetitious percussion. The bass frequencies throb as the snaking guitar lines spin a web of reverberating brilliance that echoes into the ether with aplomb.