The UK based independent record label ‘Blak Hand Records’ releases the latest single entitled ‘Crossed Wires’ from Manchester based atmospheric alt-shoegaze four piece ‘CAESAR’ today (10th February 2017). With a sound that swirls through layers of impressive reverberation all backed up with stunning musicianship that undulates back and forth through mesmerising vocalisations, ‘CAESAR’ wear their gazing influences on their sleeves. The single is available to buy/download right now along with a plethora of remixes via

‘Crossed Wires’ is infectiously atmospheric! It undulates through impressive swathes of shoegaze finery buy has subtle post-rock tendencies that emerge through it’s reverb laden shadows then last for a fleeting second only to be swallowed up between the layers of shimmering guitar progressions. It rocks metronomically on a jazz like percussive swagger, is underscored by throbbing bass frequencies and subterranean synth swells that seem to swirl effortlessly around those stunning vocalisations.