Ontario based heavy shoegaze three piece ‘Bleach Bath’ have unleashed a brand new single entitled ‘Galaxie 420’, a follow up to their April 2017 debut three track demo ‘It’ll Get Worse If You Let It’ . Their sound shimmers in a haze of fuzzy layered reverberations & ghostly vocalisations collectively underpinned at times by heavier passages of driving alt-rock formulated to allow their sound to soar into the ether, riding a senses pummelling percussive swagger that doesn’t give up! ‘Galaxy 420’ is available to buy/download right now via bleachbathto.bandcamp.com

‘Galaxie 420’ tumbles into earshot swirling in an angry cyclonic vortex thats filled with tremulous guitars, pounding drums, throbbing bass frequencies and swathes of glorious reverb enveloping a hazy almost ethereal vocal line. Growling lead guitar intertwines perfectly with ghostly murmurings to drive a massive wall of blissed out reverberation forwards on a predestined sonic flight path.