Kentuckian Jason Wagers aka ‘Nova Flares’ creates blissed out sonic soundscapes filled with shoegaze, jangling pop and surf rock all deliciously layered with a swirling underbelly of psychedelic incantations that he has dutifully named ‘Surf-Gaze’. It’s a whole new music genre to us and without injecting like for like band names here (as some have done) it sounds very interesting indeed. His debut single ‘Gut Splinter’ has it’s official launch on March 9th 2018 and it is available to buy/download right now via with a full compendium of tracks penned in for release sometime throughout the year.

‘Gut Splinter’ bounces into audible range on a huge percussive track that pulls deep resonating bass frequencies with it into the ether deftly accompanied by shimmering guitar and the soft twinkle of sequenced synth. Swirling reverberations wash over the entire track as we’re led into that absolutely immense break at the half-way mark before exploding skywards clinging effortlessly to the surge of angry guitars. Deliciously dreamy and totally hypnotic, ‘Nova Flares’ are most definitely on our sonic radar.