Brooklyn-based psychonauts ‘Hanford Reach’ haven’t been on our radar since late 2017 when we covered their then released ‘Caught My Mind’ single. Formed back in late 2016 following the dissolution of a previous incarnation called ‘Sky Picnic’, ‘Hanford Reach’ are Chris Sherman and Leah Cinnamon. They create a marvellous blend of melodious neo-psych, subtle flurries of shoegaze, post-punk and staggered alternative leanings that collectively swell and fall brilliantly through layers of immense reverberation. This latest dystopian hued single entitled ‘Winston Smith’ is a very busy one indeed, rattling on a bedrock of rolling percussion with swells of synth and cascading lines of bass in close orbit. It’s wailing guitars follow that typically magnificent Hanford Reach styled vocalisation through a fantastic song structure that’s ebbed with oodles of impressive melody.

‘Winston Smith’ is a wonderful return to form by a band who have been away from the scene for far too long.