Cornwall based quartet ‘Flashes’ inject subtle shoegaze, alt-rock, dreamy melodies and sporadic psychedelic incantations into their collective sound to create instantly addictive soundscapes filled with sonic twists and turns. We reviewed their latest five track EP ‘Rzhev’ last year and now the band have followed it up with stunning two track single entitled ‘Black Monday / Infinites’ for our listening pleasure. The single had it’s official release back on February 10th 2018 and is available to buy/download right now via

‘Black Monday’ shimmers as it enters audible range strapped to a beautiful guitar progression, underpinned with synth swells and the repetitive thud of bass drum. Swirling vocalisations arrive, wrapping themselves around deep tumbling bass frequencies as the track builds meticulously, injecting lines of synth, beautiful melody, psychedelic flourishes and catchy hook laden progressions into the mix whilst ‘Infinites’ is a sonic diamond in the rough. Soft sequenced percussion melds with building synths, lysergic tinged production and a repetitive guitar progression to form a wall of effervescent sound-waves used primarily to envelop that blissed out vocal performance. Cascading bass progressions add intense atmosphere as they swirl through huge layers of tumbling reverberation and resonating refractions, progressively catching the ear as soaring lines of synth scream skywards out into the ether. Absolutely stunning.

Highly Recommended!