California based dream-gazers ‘Fawns of Love’ have just unleashed the second single entitled ‘Something Stupid’ to be lifted from their brilliant brand new double a-sided 7′ release ‘Zine Days’.  The band are made up of husband and wife team Jenny & Joseph Andreotti and their collective sound is a blissful sonic affair, filled to the brim with ethereal clouds of simmering reverberation, all delicately wrapped around gorgeous, melody strewn vocal lines and that punchy undercurrent of melodic guitar. ‘Zine Days’ is out now and is available to buy/download on various formats via

‘Something Stupid’ bounds into audible range trembling blissfully on a tremulous guitar signature, deftly underscored with glistening lines of synth and the consistent pitter patter of sequenced percussion. Swirling vocal lines hug subtle bass frequencies as layers of reverb are pulled in and out of the piece by beautiful lead lines and that overpowering sense of dreaminess.