ICYMI: The wonderful ‘Fawns Of Love’ released their third and final single entitled ‘December’ from their brand new & highly anticipated long player via Test Pattern Records called ‘Permanent’, penned in for release on the 18th January and available to pre-order right now from fawnsoflove.bandcamp.com. Just incase you’ve been living under a rock for the past while, Joseph & Jenny Andreotti have been unleashing some stunning music over the past few years to burgeoning world-wide applause from both fans and peers alike. With a hint of 80’s chic, some shoegaze highlights and lashings of synth led dream-pop, their song writing prowess has gone from strength to strength.

‘December’ dances into the ether trapped in a sequence of pounding kick drum hits, trembling lines of guitar and swells of beautifully entrancing synth. Jenny’s ethereal vocal lines come into view, swimming in a sea of reverb that catches her tone perfectly, gently melding it with those glistening swirls of reverb to collectively envelope the entire mix. Reminiscent at times to 80’s sounding New Order colliding with the ethereal qualities of the Cocteau Twins, ‘December’ only whets the appetite for whats to come on the full album.

If you want to get your hands on the single ‘December’ right away, it is currently available to buy/download via fawnsoflove.bandcamp.com