Hailing from the north-east of England, experimental art-rock outfit ‘Dose’ have just unleashed a stunning debut single in the guise of ‘Furniture’, a hypnotically addictive slice of noise-rock underpinned with subtle flourishes of melodic shoegaze, slowcore and mesmerising passages of cinematic ambiance. Having decamped to Suburban Home Studio’s​ and under the tutelage of MJ from the awesome ‘Hookworms’, this Newcastle based five piece have released something rather special indeed. The band are made up of Sean Turland, Ewan Barr, Matthew Collerton, Sam Campbell & Joe Donkin and they’ve shared the stage with some fantastic live acts such as Sunflower Bean​, ​Menace Beach​, ​Ulrika Spacek​ & Soviet Soviet.​

Opening up with a steady almost metronomic percussive assault ‘Furniture’ soon pulls repetitive guitar lines and soothing reverb into the mix as addictive lead lines meander in and out of spoken word and shimmering layered vocalisations. The combination of wide-scoped production and cinematic pauses add sublime atmosphere here, allowing this track to breathe before ‘Dose’ unleash a cacophony of swirling noise filled to the brim with melodic feedback, layered walls of intense reverberations and the dense pull of ebow. There’s also a sense of foreboding or loss hiding beneath this tracks outer shell that keeps things rather interesting, instilling a warmth or a mellowness to the entire piece that I especially love. ‘Furniture’ is a seriously good track making ‘Dose’ ones to watch in 2018 and I’m looking forward to what comes next.