Back in June 2018, ‘Diving’ – the then debut single Lincoln-based writing/producing partnership of Jimmy Osborne and Mark Merrifield aka ‘Corasandel’ absolutely blew us away here at Primal Music. The single hit us square in the face (from way out of left-field) and if we had of compiled a ‘Best Single Of 2018’ list it would have graced our top 3 without any hesitation as it was really that good. The band then followed up their debut single with the deeply melancholic ‘Blenefill’ before promptly disappearing into the Lincolnshire Wolds in the remote East of England to record their highly anticipated debut five track EP ‘All The Hours Are One’. The final mixes of those recording sessions are now bearing fruit with the release of the bands brand new single entitled ‘Unison Mix’. The EP is penned in for official release on April 26th 2019 and is available to pre-order with the lead single ‘Unison Mix’ a direct download right now via

‘Unison Mix’ begins with a flourish of turbulent frequencies before launching into a swirling cloud of effervescent reverb. Slow moving percussion keeps a steady backbeat as the constant throb of bass frequencies meander just below the mix. Soaring guitars hover elegantly over an ambient strewn landscape, carefully enveloping that fragile vocal line, as the track glides through hazy passages of shoegaze brilliantly infused with beautifully entrancing post-rock inspired instrumentation. ‘Unison Mix’ is an impressive return to form by a band on the rise.