Lincoln-based ambient tinged experimental shoegaze duo ‘Corasandel’ have announced a brand new single entitled ‘Diving’ b/w ‘Tape Interference’. Continuing Corasandel’s work with local musicians, producers and labels the single will have it’s official release on June 12th 2018 via ‘Old Tin Box Recordings’.

‘Diving’ meanders into the ether jittering precariously on a slow but busy percussive sequence accompanied by instrumental drones and intricate lead lines that ebb and flow brilliantly just above humming bass frequencies and oodles of reverb. Melodic in stature, it’s vocalisations are hushed yet impressive and they wash over the entire piece effortlessly until we’re led into that ambient strewn break where we float on waves of shimmering atmospherics. The singles b-side is an experimental gem. ‘Tape Interference’ could have been lifted from experimental pioneers ‘The Telescopes’ latest release ‘Stone Tape’. It pulses into life straddling swells of atmosphere as ambient electronics dance and whirr pulling fret board theatrics into the ether that rise and fall into deep resonating pools of wonderful reverberation with ease.

‘Diving’ is available to pre-order right now via