Noisy Newcastle based quartet ‘blackflower’ have unleashed a mesmerising new track in the guise of ‘Stereocan’, a brooding slab of angry shoegaze, infused with driving rhythms, melodic vocalisations and meandering lead lines all underpinned with flourishes of psych and hypnotic alternative leanings. The band are no strangers to the underground scene having previously released two full albums – ‘You and Me’(2008) & ‘Rhymes of Goodbye’(2014) and a plethora of singles. This latest single was officially unleashed back on January 20th 2018 and you can get your hands on it and their back catalogue right now by heading over to

‘Stereocan’ explodes into the ether riding a turbulent wave of driving percussion that is absolutely pummelled by the throb of bass frequencies and the whoosh of woozy lead lines. Melodic guitar progressions intertwine with hazy vocalisations that rise and fall through layers of heady reverb and mountainous production value before injecting masses of fuzz and blissed out instrumentation at will. Marvellously addictive and lavishly fuzzy ‘blackflower’ are a breathe of fresh air.