To me Pinkshinyultrablast’s – Everything Matters, is one the best releases this year. So I’m glad the band is creating new music videos to accompany their songs. ‘Ravestar Supreme’ is directed by Timothy George Kelly, the viewer is presented a psychedelic black and white glitch art video. Fluid, alive and flawlessly edited, a video you will want to put as a backdrop while you perform. The glitched slow motion heads look cool and fresh. As the music becomes faster so does the editing turning a mellow video in to a intense crazy strobe awesomeness. 
The whole album is a warm entity, feels like a springtime in the forest, it probably was my viewers expectation to teleport somewhere in the woods and run around for just a short moment. And oh, the director has certainly thought about that, and delivered! So it’s definitely ultra-mesmerizing mix. Thumbs up Pinkshinyultrablast, whose latest is out via Club AC30 / Shelflife / Vinyl Junkie.


Indigo Sky’s video for song “Hide” was the first I thought about, while I was choosing this week’s music video list. 
Why? Guys really put a lot of effort with their 2nd music video, and they definitely had fun with it. 
The Camerawork is top-notch, with every shot well planned and tracked throughout the video, not to mention bits with aerial filming since that requires an extra effort. There is a lovely progression from the streets / the block [aerial] to the stage / the city [aerial], the band aims high and that’s the right way to go!

But what I really like about this video is the personality. Even though most of the video concentrates on the lead, [which makes sense since everyone in the band are supposed to hide], band members appear at the right moments, steal the screen time and rock it in the end. The director Tolli Myers, managed to show band the way they are without fakeness, and video gives me the feeling that I’m looking at a well-organized, well placed band that won’t fall apart tomorrow. [We hope] This single was released through Wales-based indie label Ear to Ear Records, which is where the video was also shot.


Recently I found this wonderful wavy minimalistic video and I must say I’m impressed by the feelings it managed to deliver in combo with the song. Genre is always being associated by something watery, dreamy and something you probably won’t have in common with most of the people around you. But what happens when you find someone who shares your mind set, and sees the world way you do? This video of course! Your everyday waves turn in to something special.



Dariy Karyakin

Dariy Karyakin is a freelance experimental filmmaker, having been involved in this sphere for the past 7 years in various capacities. He is active in video journalism for several Latvian news agencies and also recently became a member of the international Krinum Art and Design team. He is dedicated to making music videos and short films, for which he has earned various awards and honours. To boot, he is an audiophile with a wide array of musical preferences and an entire FB wall full of music videos. He is always online because there’s always a video to make! His recent video Nocturne Blue ‘You’re The Only One I Really Want’ was praised by 6-time Emmy Winner Dutch Rall. He has also completed several videos for forthcoming release by dreampop shoegaze artists Ummagma & Sounds of Sputnik.