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Artist: Novanta

Record Company: Seashell Records

Release: Best Selling Dreams

Release Date: 27/10/14

Nu-Gaze is a term that scares the life out of me. I generally tend to stay well away from it for fear of lumping a band or an artist into a sub-genre of music that they neither belong to or indeed should be in at all. I personally believe, that wether you use synth’s & drum machine’s,  guitars & effects or effected ethereal vocals to create wall’s of sound then by right’s you should be classed as shoegaze, not tagged with the dreaded Nu-Gaze moniker, that seem’s to be lumped onto band’s these day’s just for trying out something new or for being different. We need to actively promote and support these band’s for trying out something different in today’s modern musical landscape, not labelling them outside of the shoegaze family for being different! After all, if we keep creating new terminologies for the different era’s or newest wave of gaze, are we not eventually going to completely wipe away the original concept, which is shoegaze?

Italian based shoegaze has been on the rise, in my opinion, for a while now and I’ve touched on it before through mentioning other Italian gaze band’s & reviewing Italian releases for this blog (case in point – Stella Diana), but one band in particular are bringing a new form of modern day shoegaze to a worldwide audience via another amazing independent record label who are not only cradling shoegaze on their roster but also Folk, Psychedelic Rock, Alt-Folk, Wave, Neo-Folk, Indie Pop, Folktronic & Ambient artists too. Seashell Records are based in Palermo, Italy & are in my opinion one of the foremost purveyors of Italian gaze today. One such act on their roster are Novanta‘ – they hail from Milan, Italy and are a shoegaze/post-rock/electronic project created by Manfredi Lamartina. They released a stunning album of 8 track’s full of ambient, post-rock & shoegaze connotations back in September 2014 through the medium of Seashell Records  called –  ‘Best Selling Dreams’.

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‘Best Selling Dreams’ opens up with ‘Light Changes’. A drum sequence doesn’t give anything away at all before this track opens up into a blistering dreampop infused soundscape with a modern twist. The use of synth’s on this track are exquisite & the vocal effects/production are immense. Check it out.

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If anyone ever wanted to know about how good modern day Italian shoegaze really is then track two on this epic release will educate you on it’s brilliance. As it’s title suggest’s ‘Windows’ will open your eye’s & ear’s to Italian shoegaze & take you on a journey of monumental proportion’s from the off. This track explodes on the musical canvas with effected guitar’s & and addictive vocal line’s leading us into that immense chorus change. Sheer emotive & expressive shoegaze at it’s very, very best. 

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With a look back to the first wave, track three on ‘Best Selling Dreams’ is my personal favourite. ‘Worthless Whirl’s’ is old school. This track alone has everything, from it’s post-punk touches to it’s dream-wave infused vocals all comfortably swirling around it’s shoegaze leanings. ‘Worthless Whirls’ is immense! It build’s & build’s until the haunting vocal arrives on top of post-punk inspired bass line leading us to that brilliant ‘My Bloody Valentine’ like wall of effected guitar’s. This is shoegaze! Check it out.

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You can listen to any track on this album & never fail to get completely inspired with what ‘Novanta’ & Manfredi Lamartina have achieved. From it’s opening track ‘Light Changes’ on into ‘Windows, Worthless Whirls, Novanta Song, A Fever, 2Young2Die, Reasons’ & the album’s epic closer ‘La Maledizione Degli Affetti’, ‘Best Selling Dreams‘ should be celebrated for what it is – a brilliant shoegaze album infused with post-punk, dream-pop & ambient styling’s, harking back, in parts, to the first wave of shoegaze!  This is a truly wonderful album & one that I’ll continue to reference as one of the best underground Italian shoegaze albums of 2014, going forward.

 Del Chaney- The Primal Music Blog – February 2015 – Dublin, Ireland.


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