Manchester based psych aficionados ‘W.H Lung’ have unleashed a seriously infectious track in the guise of their debut single ‘Inspiration’, a blistering motorik slice of experimental modern day psych. The band released the track back on November 25th via their own label ‘Hed Glo Inc’. The track is available via Apple Music, etc etc and as free download via the bands soundcloud page, although it is limited to the first 100 people!

‘Inspiration’ enters into earshot on a repetitious instrumental drone before the bass frequencies build and the motorik rhythms take hold. The percussion swirls as hypnotically undulating synth swells usher in those hard hitting vocals underscored by tremulous guitar squall and swathes of reverb to collectively meander through sonic peaks and troughs and on into the musical ether. This is a triumphant debut single from a band who we will definitely be watching going forward into 2017.